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16 October 2014


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A wee Update From Aphrodies Island

I haven't given you an update for a while, the sun still shines on Cyprus but I'm missing Arran and the lovely cool breezes of Goat Fell.

The world wide depression has hit everyone hard and we're no exception. The pressure at work has been so horrendous I haven't had a break for weeks. The last straw was Wednesday. I was half way through a meeting with a couple of clients. When it got to the wifes income, she said, "Well I earn1950 a month... but I was made redundant this morning." Then she looked at her husband and said, "I told you I had to speak to you before we came ot this meeting!" That was it. I resigned that afternoon.

The good news is that I started reading Tarot Cards at La Fontaine Market on Friday and that's going really rather well! So moving from the Isle of Arran to The Isle of Aphrodite wasn't such a bad move after all :S
Posted on Sunny at 20:22


Sunny, Some how the sun always manages to shine on you. I suppose you knew that you would be alright because you saw it in the cards. CVBruce

CVBruce from CA,USA

Hey Bruce, You're not the first to say that! The others are, "No matter what you always land on your feet! and "How do you do it, you lucky witch!" The w on the end of the last word is intercangeable with b. the cards have worked out but not always in the way I thought. That's the danger of reading your own cards! How's life in CA? Would love to get feedback on the site. See the link on the left. X

Sunny from Cyprus

Hello sunny,glad to hear your news-have you not been on the other IB site???

carol from france/nz

p.s when you get to NZ i have a spare bedroom

carol from france/nz

Hi Sunny. It's good to hear from you. I occasionally check the old blog to see if anyone has posted.

Gale from NC,USA

I might just take you up on that Carol, be careful what you wish for :D X

Sunny from On the move

Where is the new blog?

Sunny from On tour

Hi Sunny,whats news--i'm now back in france--yuk!

carol from france not open to anyone not on a Scottish Island, but the nice man who voluntarily (for his sins) runs it, gives comprehensive instructions on how to set up your own blog in WordPress and I'm sure several of us would jump in with comments if you took the plunge, Sunny. Happy 2010 when it comes. Which might be before this comment appears as I vaguely remember the hit&miss nature of this site!

Flying Cat from the new ib site...

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