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16 October 2014


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Thought for the day...

Tonight's the night when the Heritage Trust has it's AGM and the election of new members of the board of directors.

This year my name has been put forward and quite frankly I'm cr@pping it!

If I do get voted on then I'm fully prepared to do my best for EVERYONE on the island. I think that the younger voice is neccessary (I've still got a good 45 years left in me!) I care so deeply about Gigha that I want to contribute to it's future.

Please note: that is the future which goes wayyyyyy beyond mine and your lifetime.

I'm not going to turn into some kind of Megalomaniac who sees their appointment to the board as some step up or a means for me to attain my desires...I'm too much of a Socialist to be remotely interested in that kind of rubbish.

Call me an idealist or whatever you want but I want equality and what is best for not only the inhabitants of the island but the actual island itself! It's NOT just a rock in the sea, it is a living, breathing, evolving, emotional collection of all things, it is greater than all of us put together, it will outlast every last one of us.

It is perfection, lets try and keep it that way.
Posted on Rhoney-rho at 11:19


How did it go? Were you elected?

Davey from Mull

Hiya Davey :-) No, I was pipped at the post by some extremely capable people! Like I said in my post I was cr@pping it incase I was voted on, only because I know that it's not a walk in the park and I'm very emotional about Gigha! Hey, maybe next year..who knows! I'm on other committees and regardless of what I do my feelings stay the same (do the job for the good of all and not for personal gain). Best of luck to all the new board members, we're all behind you! thank you for showing an interest Davey!

Rhoney-rho from Gigha

I coulda sworn that I replied to someone called Davey on Mull seems to have vanished! Nevermind!

Rhoney-rho from Castle Grey Skull - Gigha

Rhoney-Ro, welcome! Can you send me an email confirming your contact address, and we'll add you to the newsletter list? thanks, Mike

Mike from Glasgow

ahhhhhh! all the posts vanished the other day! I knew I wasn't losing the plot!

Rhoney-rho from Isla de Scorchio (Gigha)

Well done for standing! For such a small population you've got lots of interested people. I've tried to get off a few committees lately but no one will stand to take my place so I'm stuck.

Sunshine from Arran, Costa Clyde

Thanks Sunshine! I'd like to think that everyone is interested in the running of the island and all the different areas that keep things ticking over. In some ways because it is a small population it has advantages. With a larger population it might be difficult to get everyone to pull together. I think its important that you keep up your good work on Arran, Sunshine, yes sometimes committees take over a large part of your life but try not to think of your present situation as being "stuck" , maybe you need to start a campaign to rouse them all into standing up for their beliefs and being pro-active! Good luck! :-)

Rhoney-rho from Craggy Island

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