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16 October 2014

brian - November 2005

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a dry comment

according to matt seaton's article in the guardian yesterday, london cycle campaign are on record as stating that a cyclist in the nation's capital can expect to get wet on only twelve days of the year

change that to months for up here:-)

Posted on brian at 09:01

the hard life

a pair of rapha black socks, assos knee warmers, change your name to bram de groot, and you can cycle into a headwind all day long.

Posted on brian at 08:57

difference filter

bought two pairs of v-brakes for son's mountain bike. one pair labelled 'front' and the other 'rear'.

but they're both in the same type of box, and they both appear identical (as indeed they should be). both pairs cost the same amount, so i seem to have uncovered marketing that does indeed have no point whatsoever.

Posted on brian at 08:49

them were t'days

really good piece in the comic (cycling weekly) this week about the eroica ride in italy. only bikes from prior to 1982 are allowed, and most are a lot older than that, plus it is customary to dress for the part in old style woollen jerseys.

most of the ride is over unmade roads in the italian sunshine. like islay, only completely different.

apparently carbon fibre hadn't been invented then.

eroica bike ride

Posted on brian at 08:53

all change

definitely worth mentioning: yesterday's bike ride around the principality was virtually wind free. and it didn't rain. and the espresso and carrot cake were wonderful.

and the weather's crap on monday.

must be global warming

Posted on brian at 08:52

the drink of the beat generation

harking back to the black bottle islay jazz, mrs swanson and i have hold of the bbc recording of our gig at the islay columba centre and are soon to issue this as a bona fide cd.

all (and i mean all) the proceeds will be going to the west of scotland cystic fibrosis unit, thanks to the (very) generous sponsorship of black bottle scotch whisky, who are paying for the cd production.

also major kudos to paul and mario for agreeing to forego any income from this.

will let you know when it's available.

Posted on brian at 08:54

closer to four wheels

trying to find a suitable velocipede for son's christmas, while incorporating all of those 'must haves'.

didn't it just used to be four wheel machines that needed suspension and disc brakes?

Posted on brian at 11:20

a jazz new year

phone call from nick at 'from be bop to hip hop' (radio scotland) on friday to say that they intend broadcasting a forty five minute selection from sheena swanson quartet gig at the black bottle jazz festival in january.

current date is january 11

fame and fortune in our own lunchtime:-)

Posted on brian at 09:00

mince pie ride

i know it's a bit early, but there's nothing like forward planning. vc port wemyss (aka velo club d'ardbeg) intend holding a 'mince pie' ride on sunday december 18. just in case you happen to be on islay at the time.

the idea (weather permitting) is to pedal to some near or far flung part of the island and end up at the croft kitchen in port charlotte, where ish says she will have warm mince pies and coffee waiting (which you have to pay for, by the way).

if you're likely to be over and fancy joining us, you can contact me through thewashingmachinepost

Posted on brian at 08:56

the revolution may have arrived

for many a long year, the ds and i have been out cycling the estates of a sunday morning. then a third rider joined, then a fourth and yesterday we had five.

if you build it, they will come...

Posted on brian at 08:46

books for christmas

just a brief list of cycling books for christmas for the cyclist(s) in your family

a peiper's tale by alan peiper
daniel coyle's book on lance
john wilcockson's celebration of the career of marco pantani
the flying scotsman - graeme obree (need i say more)
and to help put the bike together on christmas day, the park tool 'big blue book of bicycle repair'

reviews of all on thewashingmachinepost

Posted on brian at 09:03

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