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16 October 2014

brian - October 2005

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the hole truth

the directeur sportif and i managed out for the sunday ride yesterday for the first time in almost a month (due to other commitments by both parties) and had the run cut short by a tyre blowout.

yes, we replaced the tube, but turned out that the tyre casing was cracked at every tread marking all the way round. since these weren't cheap tyres and only about a year old, maybe it's a good idea to check those tyres before venturing too far.

certainly spoiled our sunday out. the ds had to ride home about eleven miles with a biscuit wrapper inside the tyre at the hole, and only about 40psi in a rear tyre.

and into a headwind

Posted on brian at 08:54

keep off the grass

nice day yesterday, so left work early to take the colnago for a spin, only the grass shouted at me for a trim.

don't you just hate that?

Posted on brian at 09:11

stick in the mud

having had a cartridge bottom bracket stick fast in the bb shell a few years ago, with the onset of autumn (or in case we go straight to winter without passing go), now would be a good time to check that the bottom bracket can still be removed if necessary.

don't come crying to me in february when the darned thing wont budge.

Posted on brian at 08:58

today is the tomorrow we talked about yesterday

i think i'm going to start working on a sunday and go out cycling on monday. with almost unerring accuracy, the weather on a sunday is rubbish with monday mornings much more inviting.

at least it's only windy today (so far)

Posted on brian at 08:59

falling leaves

for those of a particular disposition (me), just wanted to point out that this weekend sees the last of the pro tour races on eurosport, the tour of lombardy.

just thought you should know

Posted on brian at 09:03

long weekend (i hope)

the sun's been out most of the day, the wind is negligible (by islay standards) and i can hear the bike calling me from the bike shed.

all is well with the world

Posted on brian at 15:36

it's a dirty job, but somebody's got to do it

comes under the heading of product reviewing. currently testing a merino wool training top for thewashingmachinepost so had to put in a 30k plus ride this morning before going into the office.

nice top, by the way:-)

Posted on brian at 10:51

it's a breeze

according to the bbc forecast for yesterday (sunday) islay was to experience 18mph winds. oh, if only!

somebody ought to get over here and measure windspeed, because i can assure you that the directeur sportif and i slogged into a headwind for over eleven miles that was blowing a darned sight harder than 18mph.

we actually managed about 28mph in the opposite direction and there was still a tailwind at that

character building:-)
Posted on brian at 09:00

in the eye of the beholder

there are currently a number of tugs and dredgers at bruichladdich about to bestow on us what was described as a 'hideous' extension to the pier. this is at the behest of argyll and bute council to accept the larger size of oil tankers that shell are now using to deliver fuel oil.

surprisingly, the bill is being met by a & b, despite shell making squillions of money every second. unsurprisingly they ignored every attempt from the community to install something a bit less 'in your face'.

and yet the council continue to receive environmental awards. presumably from the rnib

Posted on brian at 08:58

all hail the berliner

recognition at last.

every wednesday in the guardian's g2 section we get 'two wheels' by matt seaton. still only a fraction of the space allocated to 'four wheels' but it's a start.

come the revolution etc.

Posted on brian at 14:30

equal rights

having just returned from a trip to edinburgh, it was a surprise and a delight to discover that, between 8am - 8pm (i think), only buses, taxis and BICYCLES are allowed to use princes street.

now that's progress

Posted on brian at 08:58

the indoor life

despite being rather antagonistic towards them, with the weather as it is this week, and the promise of a cold, cold winter, now might be a good time to invest in a turbo trainer.

mind you, the scenery's not the same

Posted on brian at 08:52

tree trunks

if the wind stays at the strength it was this past weekend, not only will i have more character than you can shake a stick at, but i'll have thighs like tree trunks!

the downside is the amount of agricultural 'stuff' that i brought home, caked to the carbon fibre. wonder if there are any grants for that?

Posted on brian at 08:56

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