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16 October 2014

brian - August 2005

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character building

i have every sympathy with those who cycle to and on islay. it may be relatively flat but yesterday's wind defied description. the ds and i managed to have a head wind in virtually every direction we cycled.

it was even against us both directions along the same road.

Posted on brian at 09:40

a stop in the name of the law

at last, bowmore has its bus stops back. due to the council's apparent ineptitude over the past few years, it has not been illegal to park at the bus stops in bowmore main street.

since the stops are directly opposite each other, this often meant that the buses blocked the road completely while 'loading and unloading'. now they've repainted the signs on the road in bright yellow paint, and as of yesterday (tuesday 2) drivers parking in the stops are eligible for a parking fine.

remains to be seen, however, whether the drivers of the buses will pull in to the stops after years of not being able to.

old habits die hard (as bruce willis would say)

Posted on brian at 09:06

we will ask the questions


1 do visitors come to islay to get away from it all, then drive at breakneck speed on single track roads?

2 do folks with four wheel drive 'chelsea tractors' refuse to put any of their four wheels offroad to let folks past?

3 do visitors drive so close that another coat of paint on the car would put a cyclist in the ditch?

4 do cars have to have wing mirrors the size of plasma tv screens?

Posted on brian at 08:59

need for speed?

sorry if you're having to read this really quickly, but we now have broadband

and it's only about two years late:-)

Posted on brian at 09:10

clean teeth

does anyone know if you can attach one of those midge machines to the front of a colnago so that i don't have to pedal into herds of them every evening?

Posted on brian at 09:06

nice try

good to see a healthy entry for the bruichladdich distillery islay triathlon yesterday (sunday 14).

same time next year, but on the saturday if anyone's interested. that way we can slalom through the shopping trolleys

Posted on brian at 09:34

worth a thousand words

since i was cycling i don;t have any pics of my own, but i know a man who does. only one to hand at present is of the swimmers in islay pool, so that's what you're getting for now. hopefully more later.

Posted on brian at 09:07

maybe this time

sad fact for those of us on macs that several web services, including the bbc blogging (and much of bt's broadband service) doesn't support the macintosh platform.

having attempted to upload a photo from the islay triathlon yesterday and failing miserably i am now trying again with a mac browser that pretends to be a windoze browser.

if a picture appears in this space, then a curse on bill gates:-)
Posted on brian at 08:59

see, they do listen

islay triathlon
after moaning about the lack of support for the macintosh browser, mike has produced a workround that should enable those of us with taste in computers to upload pictures to our blogs.

this is about to get it's beta testing here, so once agian i will attempt to upload a pic from the islay triathlon. just hope you think this this was worth the wait
Posted on brian at 09:13

flushed with success

ardbeg islay half marathon
now that the mac picture upload seems to be solved more pictures will be forthcoming, though you'll have to wait a bit since this is a production week and time is not on my side.

anyway, here is a pic from the start of this year's ardbeg islay half marathon.

Posted on brian at 08:46

rain, rain go away

took the advantage of great weather on saturday to re-weatherproof the bike shed and was repaid by crap weather on sunday.

no cycling for a whole weekend. suffering withdrawal symptoms already:-)

Posted on brian at 09:03

marching on

in common with a large proportion of the pipe band world, islay pipe band will travel to the cowal highland games this saturday (though we'll actually travel on friday).

keep fingers crossed for a total lack of rain on saturday and i wonder if there's room on the bus for my bike?

in a cruel twist of fate, since the band are staying in glasgow city, the tour of britain kicks off with a criterium round george square on monday evening before the first stage start on tuesday morning. there's also a bike ride for us mere mortals from edinburgh to glasgow on sunday.

since i have to work on monday, why am i always in the wrong place at the wrong time?
Posted on brian at 08:47

cowal games

well, surprise, surprise the weather at dunoon wasn't too bad. occasional heavy showers but quite pleasant in between. didn't even have to wear those dratted capes for competition set or to play down argyll street in the evening.

unfortunately those partaking of the charity ride for the tour of britain on sunday fared considerably less well, but i'd rather have been pedalling than sitting on a bus.

two weeks without cycling - this is getting ridiculous

Posted on brian at 09:22

age before beauty

anyone else noticed how crappy bicycles have become these days?

brought to the attention because one of islay's elder citizens (don't think he'll mind) uses an aging steel framed single speed bike to pedal to work. even though it's shabby, it must be all of thirty years old and it still rolls along nicely.

conversely i have a few relatively new bicycles sitting awaiting rather simplistic repairs and i doubt they'll see out the year.

labour may be cheap in taiwan but..
Posted on brian at 09:10

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