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16 October 2014

brian - July 2005

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occupational hazard

tour de france starts tomorrow. three weeks of bliss:-)
Posted on brian at 12:55

the smooth approach

first chance to try out the newly laid tarmac stretching about a kilometre or so on the bridgend/bruichladdich road, and i take my helmet off (metaphorically speaking) to the islay roads department for such a wonderful job. why can't it all be like this?

it seems fair to criticise when the roads are crap, but only fair to praise when someone does something about it. speed went up 3k on the smooth stuff without any extra effort - and that was into a headwind.

interesting to see how much further the smooth stuff will stretch, since it currently stops short of a bend that makes paris-roubaix seem like a motorway.
Posted on brian at 09:10

cool, calm and collected

anyone else noticed that the weekends, when time is ripe for those lengthy bike rides, always seem to be windy, but as soon as office life beckons on monday, the wind drops?

why is that?

Posted on brian at 09:08

round the bend

not really one of the rules of conduct for cycling on islay (or any other island for that matter) but something that makes a deal of sense during holiday time.

if you're cycling on a twisty singletrack road, stay to the outside of any bends. that way you can see oncoming traffic and, more importantly, they can see you

believe me, personal experience speaking here:-)

Posted on brian at 08:58

don't peak too soon

daresay i should start training for the pursuit in 2012

Posted on brian at 08:49

you're not paying attention

seems some cyclists are still not paying attention to the original rule of conduct. went out for a couple of rides over the weekend (in this weather, who wouldn't?) and naturally enough, waved at passing 'cyclists'.

unfortunately there was little in the way of response, though since they were doing the usual trick of cycling about 200 metres apart, i'm wary of describing them as proper cyclists.

just to reiterate - if you pass another cyclist on the road, no matter what they're cycling, or how fast/slow they're going, give 'em a wave.

jeez, even the car drivers do it over here.

(one couple stopped on the glen road, did point out a herd of deer, despite my grinding uphill with a pained expression)

Posted on brian at 08:48

late as usual

i did try to post this yesterday (tuesday) but couldn't get into the contributing page for some reason.

anyhoo, monday's rest day on the tour de france gave the non-professionals the chance to cycle a stage of the tour - on closed roads - in an event known as 'l'etape de tour'

8'500 cyclists took part. that's more folk than islay, mull, jura and colonsay combined, with probably most of tiree added for good measure.

just think of the traffic jam that would cause

Posted on brian at 08:59

a tonne in a day

just while it springs to mind, the annual 'gran fondo bruichladdich' (100 mile bike ride) is scheduled to take place on sunday august 7.

leaves from bruichladdich distillery and finishes at same, passing bowmore, laphroaig, lagavulin on the way to mid distance stop at ardbeg. if anyone's over, and fancies joining in, contact me through

no major organisation or marshalls or feed stops, just 100 miles round islay and bring your own munchies + liquid refreshment.

Posted on brian at 09:06

simple needs

seems like a very simple suggestion, but can those of you cycling the highways and byways of islay (though this pretty much applies everywhere), please carry a pump that fits the valves on the bike.

seems to be this year's malady: presta valves but only a schrader pump fitting

go figure.

Posted on brian at 09:40

the eagle has landed

the message has finally got through.

cyclists waved yesterday:-)

Posted on brian at 09:16

trendy wheels

there's a number of trendy style wheels on offer these days where the spokes are in pairs with rather a large section of rim between each pair.

a set of these turned up last week on a touring bike, radial front and twenty-four rear, and the back wheel was oval (i mean really oval). if you're touring, stick to thirty six, preferably four cross.

with panniers, nobody can see if you're trendy anyway.

Posted on brian at 08:57

where would we be without the weekend?

another working week over and the sun has come out.

hope everybody enjoys their cycling at the weekend even if withdrawal symptoms settle in after the tour finishes on sunday

still, there's always the vuelta in september:-)
Posted on brian at 14:28

miles and miles and miles (or kilometres)

like to start the week on high note, so with great weather yesterday (sunday) the directeur sportif and i pedalled to ardbeg via various places. total of 100 kilometres.

who knew you could go so far on wee island:-)

Posted on brian at 10:32

lost soul

after three weeks of setting the vcr every morning and spending hours every evening watching lance and the chaps on holiday in france, i find myself lost of an evening this past week.

is it just me?

Posted on brian at 09:06

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