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16 October 2014

I do like to be beside the sea

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I do like to live beside the seaside particularly when the sun is shining!

It's been a while since I've blogged, in fact it's been a while since I've visited the site but with the lovely weather, friends visiting and business doing well there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day.
Thanks Duncan for all your Broadband info - don't suppose you can find out when Iona will get it? The AIE guy told us in January that we would have it by the end of June but I haven't heard an update since then.
Island news - the 2 hotels held an election night theme night on May 5th which was really good with a very imaginative menu - gave us a good excuse to go out and not watch all the election stuff on TV.
The Friday night dances in the village hall have recommenced for the summer and as a result I fell asleep on the beach the following day while trying to recover and now have one bright red ankle and one red ear. Not a good look. Was hoping for some more sunshine today to try and balance up the suntan but sadly today was a bit dull and drizzly. Just as well we had our barbie last night.
Iona, like the other islands has a chronic housing shortage and on Tuesday the Iona Housing Partnership have a public meeting in the Library so it will be interesting to hear whether they are making progress with their project to build some affordable rented accommodation on the island.

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Iona and Fionnphort where I presume where the exchange is, is not part of the current Scottish Exec. intiative. it is actually part of the last tranche that BT were going before this intiative came along. Fionnphort exchange will be enabled on the 20th July. To see what other exchanges are involved follow these instructions. Go to <<>>. Click on "Availability" then click on "Where I Live" then click on the "Region" drop down menu and select Scotland (I know that Scotland is not a region, it's a country before anyone starts!). This will bring the aforementioned last tranche. I would fully expect that the exchanges involved the Scottish Exec's intiative will be added to this list soon. Hope this helps!

Duncan from livingston

I meant to say that,hopefully, there isn't a problem with the fact that Iona is fed via an undersea cable. Best ask a local BT employee on Mull, if you can collar one! Again, it looks like you will only be able to get the half meg service so there is no point in signing up for a deal that gives you a 1meg (download) service. Find out what you can get first. Hopefully you will be able to order the service online without any glitches, if there is a problem and you have to phone up you may have to be persistent and persuasive, I have found in the past that ISP call centres are quick to say you can't get the service if their data indicates that there is a problem, even though the problem can be remedied. As I said in a previous post if you have a "dacs" on your line this will cause problems and may need an engineer to visit. I hope I have not confused you now, good luck, I hope it all goes smoothly.

Duncan from Livingston

You know about this?

Sue from Edinburgh

My wife and I are interested in moving Iona. Is there a real estate company there and is there work that pays enough

Robert Gilcrease from Texas, USA

My wife and I are interested in moving Iona. Is there a real estate company there and is there work that pays enough to live on. Robert Gilcrease P O Box 1585 Hemphill, TX 75948 Thanks

Robert Gilcrease from Texas, USA

If you're interested in moving Ioan I have a tractor annd trailer. I charge twenty pounds a load. Where do you want it moving to?

JC Bamford from port of ness lewis

What a laugh!! Only an American would think of moving Iona..... Thank goodness they did not move it otherwise my wedding guests would have got completely lost when my husband and I got married there last September. Thank you Iona, hope to see you agin soon.

Marie O'Brien from Banknock

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