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20 April 2014
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I am writing from Colonsay again - here on one of my four times a year visits. The weather is stunningly beautiful, hard to believe that it is only February. I have been off sick with a throat/chest infection and am only just beginning to recover enough to forgive God for Her creation of cold viruses. Just as well really as I am due to visit the school tomorrow to talk with the children about creation. I want to talk about how we can experience God as we enter into the joy of creation.

I note from comments on my last entry that there are people "out there" who are reading my islandblog. Can I just take the opportunity to remind folks of my daily blog at It gives more of a flavour of my spirituality (ups as well as downs).

Since I was last online, some readers have asked for answers to questions of life and doctrine, so here goes. To Kevin from Battersea Dogs Home, I would simply say, "Do you want a God whose prime concern is why you are clumsy?"
To Simon from Dundee, I would say that the important question is not so much whether I doubt that God exists, as to whether I am envisaging the way God really is. With regard to the former, I suppose I am very fortunate - I cannot believe that God does not exist - the cosmos is too complicated. And as to the latter, I suspect that many of us will get a big surprise when we are faced with the reality of what we call Eternity.

Shona Macdonald of Tiree was asking how many shops there are on Seil. There are two post offices, one general store, a gift shop attached to the petrol pump....and that is it I think. But someone else might know differently.

Posted on GodBlog at 11:47


I've heard this complexity argiument before. Why does complexity demand a deity? There is no causal connection here at all.

If God is all good and all poweful, why does he tolerate the suffering and starvation of innocents?

It seems your God is a contradictory construction.

Simon from Dundee

Havn't heard from you in a while God Blog. What's up?


Mike from Glasgow

Thanks for asking how I am Mike from Glasgow. Have been off sick for a few weeks, but am back in the land of blogging now.

Godblog from Seil

I see you acknowledge a "new age" god who is female, or was it a deliberate slip of the pen?
I hope you're throat and chest infection clear up soon.

A Baker from Benmhulean

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