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16 October 2014

mountainman - November 2007

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Calgary and Treshnish

The geology classes have started again and as part of these we have regular field trips. Geology is very much a "hands on " science and there is nothing like getting out and about looking at stuff. Saturdays trip was a lightweight one to begin with - simply looking at typical North Mull basalt scenery near Calgary and Treshnish. Has to be said, there isnt a huge variety of rocks to see compared to SW Mull, but what there is, is good. And easy to see.

For some odd reason, I didnt actually take any pics at Calgary - actually the weather was rather grey - mind you it WAS dry, unlike the day before. Anyway, heres a couple of pics taken on another occasion (earlier this year):

And here is the famous dyke near the old pier which has been used as part of the building there!

After looking at the rocks there we headed over to Treshnish. I have always like this part of Mull - the sea views are stunning, esp out to the Treshnish Isles. There is a very distinct raised beach here - it is like a level platform all the way round the coast:

This rock formation is definitely Sphynx like:

Great views out to the Treshnish Isles:

Nothing to beat a good old Sea Stack:

And the red boles round here are very obvious - like red lines painted on the rocks in places -real textbook stuff:

So that was that - other trips are planned to Ulva, Carsaig, Iona, Ardtun and who knows where else.

See you soon!


Posted on mountainman at 09:45

Croggan again

Remember the Giant Stone Toadstool? I decided to take a wee trip back there on Saturday - the weather wasnt very good - I had actually cancelled the geology field trip we were hoping to have. There is a point at which Health & Safety issues have to be listened to! Especially when other people are involved

Anyway, I fancied a wee wander back to Croggan. Here are a few pics. Note , the weather was so grey, dull and blustery that the pics almost look black and white:

Looking across a wild Loch Spelve:

The track is rough, and a bit muddy on places. But the views out ot sea were neat:

And looking to the south:

The beach here is nice - black sand like you find at Carsaig:

And a close up of the little sand bar in the picture above:

And back the way again after reaching the end of the road as light was failing. Didnt see a soul. Mind you that is hardly surprising as the weather was quite wild and it is quite a remote area anyway.

The geology of this area is fascinating, however I didnt really have a lot of time to look at it - far too late in setting out today. I intend coming back sometime soon and really exploring it, so heres hoping for some good weather. Heres hoping for good weather anyway!

Just before I go, here is a picture I took about 10 years ago, looking across Loch Spelve towards Creach Bheinn:

Just to get you in a seasonal mood...

All the best, bye for now


Posted on mountainman at 19:57

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