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16 October 2014


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The Colours of Autumn

It was back to the Cairngorms at the weekend - just a short break, but a great time of the year to see the place. Autumn is really nice in Strathspey - the birches in particular are impressive. However, the weather wasnt exactly great over the weekend - dry for the most part but "blowing a hoolie" most of the time!

Anything "up high" was out of the question, but the great thing about the area is that there is a seriously good network of footpaths through the native pine forest so there are a lot of low level alternatives.

Here are some pics, just to give a feel for the place:

Loch an Eilein, looking towards the castle on the island

A close up of the castle

Autumn colours and the loch

Looking across Loch Gamhna (just next to Loch an Eilein)

I spent a bit of time on the shore of Loch Morlich - always a favourite place - native pine forest and the high corries of the Northern Cairngorms behind. However, the wind was so strong that the loch looked more like the sea than an inland stretch of water...

Carn Elrig (The pointy hill) across the loch

Kinda threatening looking, isnt it?

Waves on the loch

More waves!

Last port of call was the famous "Lochan Uaine" in the Pass of Ryvoan, just a short distance from the Glenmore Lodge outdoor centre. The water is a beautiful blue-green colour (hence the name) supposedly because the fairies washed their clothes in it.....

The beautiful green of the loch

And the classic view of the loch, looking north.

Bye for now!

Posted on mountainman at 14:07


Great photos, MM, I particularly like the third one up with the tapestry of trees in the background. Not too sure about the fairy washing, though... The autumn colours are supposed to be very good this year because of the weather we've had.

Jill from EK

I can't think why MM, but someone just by my elbow is swooning over ancient teen romance by Loch Morlich, and there's a reptile called Uaine in the Skye Serpentarium *shudder* Stunningly evocative images.

Flying Cat from patting a plump rump

Amazing photos, Mountain Man. You are so fortunate to be able to go to such incredibly beautiful places so easily! I am beyond jealous!

thelovelyOutlander from dreaming of highlands and islands

Not sure that the Cairngorms are quite so captivating as Mull. I am Scottish with a particular affection for the isles, so am allowed to say this. However, I have a question. Why are there no correspondents from Iona? Are they all asleep?

kamala from Australia

Hi kamala For me the thing about the Cairngorms is the sheer size of the place - there is a great sense of openness, emptiness and wildness that is hard to find anywhere else. Plus there are great tracks and trails to wander on when the weather is bad. I met another guy from Mull who was out on his bike when I was there on Saturday! Regarding Iona, well that's a good question - last blog post was a while ago. Maybe someone from Iona reading this will think "Hey, need to write something" I will be working there quite a bit over the next few months so even if there are no Iona blogs, I hope to be able to put some stuff up here. Cheers! MM

MM from Mull

Are we not lucky to live in such a beautiful place?

Hyper-Borean from Olympus

Outlander, Hyper-B., the amazing thing about Mountainman is not that be lives in an area of the world which is breathtakingly beautiful, but he knows where those gorgeous views are, how to get there, and he is not afraid to drive/walk there. If I go in like this, I shall probably quite easily convince myself that I am jealous. If I had enough time and money to be able to persuade him to show me his world over six uninterrupted months, I would do it. Keep enjoying life, the beautiful world you visit, and here's to you, Mountainman! I can't believe that he only uses two pairs of walking boots a year (if I remember a previous comment of his correctly)!

mjc from IN, USA

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