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16 October 2014


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Beautiful late summer weather

I realise I havent blogged much over the past couple of weeks. Problem is, the weather hasnt been great and I havent really been anywhere or done much that is worth mentioning.

Must say, I dont really care for July and August - Winter and Spring are my favourite times of year. However having said that, I was out a couple of times this week in the Loch Buie / Loch Uisg area having a look at the rocks. The geology in that area is great and the scenery is spectacular. Plus, it can be quite quiet, even in the busiest months, so for a solitude lover like myself, it comes high up my list of favourite places!

On Thursday, it was a work trip to Loch Buie with a stroll along the beach at lunchtime:

Laggan sands - deserted!

The beach at Laggan again and some old knarly trees

Ben Buie

Sgurr nan Gobhar from the shore

Creach Bheinn and Lochbuie House

So that was Thursday. On Saturday it was back to the area for some rock exploration. Weather was great.

Above Loch Uisg, looking east

Looking west from the same point

Some of the rock I went to look at - a "layered gabbro". Although it is an igneous rock that solidified at depth, it shows layering like a lot of sedimentary rocks. The same stuff is found on the beach at Loch Buie

The pebble beach at the head of Loch Uisg with Creach Bheinn behind

An arty shot, looking into the sun over Loch Uisg

So that was that. Geology classes and field trips will be starting up again soon. More details later!

Bye for now

Posted on mountainman at 18:11


Lovely photos, MM. They show something which has always puzzled me: what are the long parallel lines you can see in the water? We get them even here in our local park loch.

Jill from EK

Ben Buie looks like a very much alive vlocano in your picture. Your blogs are really great, MM! Should you be using terms like "layered gabbro" in front of children - think of Fetlar and Flotta school childrens morals, please!

Barney from Swithiod the smoking volcano

thanks for sharing such a great day out with us--the pics are beautiful

carol from over here

Amazing photos! Such beauty!

thelovelyOutlander from dreaming of highlands and islands

Layered Gabbro is Greta's sister. She's a hairdresser... I might quibble as to which photos are or are not 'arty' MM as most would qualify.

Flying Cat from knarly human

I have really enjoyed your blogs and pics. I have not lived in Scotland for 40 years having spent 30 years in South Africa and now 10 In Australia - so Island Blogging is a lovely way to see some of my home country.

Vanessa Cooper from Perth OZ

Lovely pics mountain man, the color of the sand on the first pic is grey... i have only seen sand which is golden in colour. any reason why its grey??

Dreamer from SL

Sitting here in the office with rain falling outside one is able only to dream of such landscapes!

Duncan from Wiltshire

Tsk! Duncan, you really must stop this procrastinating and get back to the grindstone...unless you're the owner of said grindstone, of course...

Flying Cat from never knowingly responsible for anything

Very nice country you live in, Mountainman. Thanks for sharing.

mjc from IN, USA

Thanks for the comments so far! Got a geology trip planned for Carsaig on Wednesday 10th and the forecast isnt good.... Anyway, Dreamer from SL, to answer your question, there are actually a few places in Mull where the sand can be grey to black. A lot of the rocks are basaltic, which is a dark often black igneous rock. Where this breaks down to form the sand, then it will be black. Or maybe a gryish colour as in the pic. The sand at Carsaig is quite dark. I remember having a romantic notion years ago that the "Black Sands of Carsaig" would make a good tune title or maybe a song. And then I found that there IS a song with Carsaig in the title - "Cronan Carsaig" - Carsaig Lullaby. I have a feeling it refers to a different Carsiag however as the song lyrics contain: "san traigh bhain aig Carsaig" which translates as "on the white beach at Carsaig!"

MM from Mull

to Dreamer - I presume the sand looks grey because of the weather - a lot of clouds around and this makes the sand look grey.

Vanessa from OZ

great photos, thanks,

island threads from lewis

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