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17 October 2014

The Clean Slate....

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The Cullipool Chicks!

Managed to (just) get a photo of the Buzzard chicks above Cullipool Village - any ideas for names??
Dont they look cute - I had to overcome my fear of heights (that I have newly discovered!) to take the photo ................ ok, so Bill Oddie is safe in the bird photography department! But I try! The Cullipool Chicks!
Posted on The Clean Slate.... at 22:13

photo's of the Soft Ball!

The Talking team tactics!The John McCowan Memorial Playing Field at Cullipool
Posted on The Clean Slate.... at 22:09

Three Peaks Mission.............

Well................ I got fed up waiting for the Oban times to print the article about the wonderful achievement from Luing! Queen Lobster reported well on the great result a week or so ago - But I have worked out how to post photo's so I will try and put them on !
My girls went down to the shore and picked 3 slate stones for my hubby to put on each of the peaks (you can see one of them in the Snowdon picture) - so there is a little piece of Luing on the top of the highest tops of Wales, England and Scotland!!
Anyway - well done to the Lads !
Back of the Bus!
On the top of snowdon - Mike behind the cameraMiddle of the night on Scafell PikeOn the top of Scotland and Great Britain!
After a grueling 22 hours!  They were joined by Ailsa - who
Posted on The Clean Slate.... at 21:36

The Belnahua is Sick, sick, sick ,sick......

Our regular ferry 'the Belnahua' which takes 6 cars is off for its annual refit and MOT (or DTI) and we were expecting it back tomorrow......sadly the report is not good............. she is sick! Not quite sure what is wrong, something to do with a stern tube that is leaking (sounds painful) but it could take up to 3 more weeks to fix! Meanwhile we use the Cadzow's cattle barge to take us over the foam to work etc. It is called the Gray Dog (it is orange.......but that is another story) and only takes 3 cars, and to the horror of the tourists....... YOU HAVE TO REVERSE OFF !!!!!!! Folk dont seem to understand that if you came on to the boat straight - - - - - - - then you should just reverse off straight!
Anyway, it means that there is always Q's at the ferry, and I have to get the 8.20 am ferry so that I can be in work on time (I usually get the 8.50am.)
Enough of this moaning...................... Island life is still good....
Posted on The Clean Slate.... at 21:07

100 years of Scouting!

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE ISLE OF LUING CUBS............. They won the John Logan Challenge Trophy at the 100 years of Scouting Camp at Ardchattan at the weekend, they had a fantastic time, doing all sorts of challenges; fire building, knot tieing, map reading, asault courses and the go-cart challeng (build a go cart and then race it round a course!) It was great for them to meet up with other cubs and mix - especially as Luing Cubs (and Beavers) are unisex!! Both my girls go to Cubs and love it. Claire and Rosy do a fantastic job with the kids.

Posted on The Clean Slate.... at 20:57

I've been to the top of Argyll!!!!!!

Well ........... It felt like that!
My Hubby and I went to the top of Ben Cruachan on Saturday - it was awsome!
It was high! I dont think I am very good at heights any more, the ferry man said that I was just 'out of my envelope' (what ever that means).......... I think that he meant that I was moving out of my comfort zone!. I remember when I was a kid......I was fearless, maybe you develop fear of things as you grow older and have more dependents (kids, job, etc), ANYWAY...................... I wasnt too clever with the old looking down from the top think, felt a little vulnerable you could say! The view was magic, a super day.
We took our two Labradors with us Paddy and Fingal (they are Cocoa's pals - see his blog!) and Paddy lost his collar on the way down somewhere - My hubby (surprisingly) wasnt for going back up to look for it, so we just headed on down without it. Making the tea tonight and I got a surprise phonecall from a nice lady in North Connel who was up Ben Cruachan today and found Paddy's collar!!! She is kindly going to pop it in to my Hubby's work ! There are some nice people around !
Hubby showed me up this morning by getting up at 6am and heading off to Crianlarich to climb 2 munro's with our brother in law! This training lark is serious stuff!! I stayed in bed!
I did do a bit of light gardening and planted some rubarb that my mum gave me - if it grows I might be able to put some stalks in the flower show!
Kids are back to School tomorrow - must go and chase them to bed - they have had a fantastic holiday.........

Posted on The Clean Slate.... at 21:46

Ewe are SO Clever.............

What a clever black faced Ewe we have on Luing - can you believe it............. she had 5 lambs (all living and a good size).
Very busy Easter time here with Ceilidh's, Easter Egg hunts, Fantastic Church Service with our New Minister Alastair MacLachlan on Sunday (church was packed).
I was on holiday last week and the weather was fantastic!
Went down to Tarbert for a few days, nice to escape the rat race of Luing!!!
Sadly my daughter's rabbit came to a sticky end while we were away - so we visited my sisters friend who had a shed full of rabbits, guinnea's and chinchillas!!
we came home with a rabbit (Bandit) and Ruby the guinnea pig - great fun!
Hubby is in training for the Three Peaks Challenge - he is part of a team doing it to raise funds for our neice's gap year with project trust teaching in Uganda. The challenge is to 'Do' Snowdon, Skafel Pike and Ben Nevis in 24 hrs!!
I think the training needs to move up a pace!
Posted on The Clean Slate.... at 17:26

What a pain..!

Well this simester it is the Management of Pain Module......and yes it is a pain!
Paisley Uni have a lot to answer to. I dont know why I set myself up for all this grief! Another assignment due in next Wednesday, dont know when I will get it done.
Anyway...back to nice things! Doing First Aid with the Beavers and Cubs tomorrow night. Should be fun. I am also on JAM this week - all about Team Work! It would be great if I thought that I was any use at it! All about Elijah and him not having to work on his own - I am not the best team player really, always take on too much and dont delegate............. but then ........... If a job is worth doing------- do it yourself! Moan Moan
It is the lack of Chocolate that is doing it! - I am trying to cut out the biscuits and chocolate this week, and it is killing me!!! and my work mates..... I am such a grumpy cow! ( you may have guessed!) Anyway, I had better get my smile back on my face and the skip in my step for Saturday night.
Very exciting........... we (hubby and I) have been invited to a Murder Mystery night at my Brother and Sister-in-Law's. Should be great. Michael Jagged has been murdered!!!! I am Mary-Ann Faithless, and need to dress in a Purple long Skirt and blouse, with a waistcoat - a tall order for a busty girl like me! Trinny and Suzanna would have a fit! Think that there will be a few dodgy costumes around the table - including my hubby who is to wear a kipper tie, velvet suit and big floppy hat! Fetching ! Not!
I will let you know who committed the murder !
Posted on The Clean Slate.... at 22:19

The Wishing Tree............

What a fantastic day I had yesterday. Went in to Oban (shopping - was in Edinburgh last weekend, so running low on food!) with my mum, we got a picnic lunch and on the way home, turned off for Ardmady Castle, and took the track over the hill to the Wishing Tree. It is a fantastic walk - about 3 miles over the hill to the Deignish road (nr Kilmelford) and on the way you pass 2 trees that claim to be the 'wishing tree' - obviously the old dead one was the original! - it is covered in old pennies that folk have knocked into the tree over the years, there is now a 'new' tree too, that is alive! nice bit of history! Great track, and super views over to Mull, up to Lismore and Morven. Over to the Garvellochs and Colonsay, Jura and Islay - pretty good ! Easdale Island can be seen over the top of Seil, and Luing looks very flat from there!
Well worth a walk everyone - or cycle (everyone has gone bike mad on Luing!)
As I said, we were in Edinburgh at the weekend - doing a bit of retail therapy (works wonders!) We went to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! - it was magic!
Took the girls to see Dynamic Earth which was very educational. My hubby got himself a new bike - I thought that the one he had was a good enough one, but apparently not!
He had a 'Hard tail' - apparently nothing to do with the saddle - all to do with the suspention! he now has a full suspention model! all I know was that it is expensive and taking up too much room in the bedroom - only room for one love in his life! - I will be sleeping in the shed then!
Pancakes at JAM tonight! - love it! Not giving up anything of Lent.......... never set unrealistic goals !
Right - Must get on with the spring clean! - going to demolish the contents of the girls wardrobe! If I ever come back out I will let you know!

Posted on The Clean Slate.... at 09:57

What is it about Dolphins????

What is it about coming into close contact with Dolphins that makes everyones smile and laugh? Even folk who have been held up on the single track road by tourists going at 10 mph can be soothed and calmed by their presence as they flip, dive and jump in Cuan Sound.
Teenagers whip out their mobile phones to try and catch the crazy dancing dolphins that escort them over the sound to catch the morning bus
The commuters - heading out to work are not aggrivated by yet another Cadzow tractor taking up pole possition on the slip for the ten to nine ferry.
Even the ferrymen become human - they take slight detours in the Belnahua (the ferry) so that everyone on board can experience the thrill of the dolphins. They change from the usual monosolabic morons (with dribbling noses) to interesting and enthusiastic people.
So what is it about these wonderful mamals that can have this efect on the folk of Luing?? People in America pay hundreds of pounds to swim with them, claiming healing properties! - maybe we should all dive into cuan sound again (like last summer for the Cancer Reserch Swim!) and swim with the dolphins,

I dont know what it is - but it certainly cheered me up today............. Difficulties at work seemed easier to deal with, and that was thanks to my dear friends who entertained us this morning at cuan.............. only one problem................ no camera.... so I cant share this joy at all!
there are some photos of last years on the Luing Trust website though - so have a look
Posted on The Clean Slate.... at 21:02

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