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29 October 2014
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Thank you for visiting the Scotland on Film website. Here is a short guide on how to use the site which has been running since 2001.

The site is divided into two main areas: an archive of film and radio clips dating back to 1912, and a forum to share your thoughts and memories of 20th Century Scotland. The main areas of the site are linked to from the left-hand navigation bar.

Film & Radio Archive
If you go into the media clips section you will find an index page with twelve themed topics. Click on one of the titles or the red arrows, for example Home Life, and you will be taken to another page with the sub-topics of that theme; in this case, the three sub-topics are Fashion and Beauty, Shopping and Domestic Life. Click on one of these titles to find the archive of media clips relating to it.

To watch or listen to a clip, click on either the camera or microphone icon. The camera icon represents film clips, and the microphone icon represents radio clips.

You will need ‘Real Player’ to view or listen to the clips. If you discover that you don’t have this piece of free software, click on the ‘Get Real Player’ link below the main picture on any of the clip pages. You will then be taken directly to the Real website, where you will find easy-to-follow instructions to download the software. There is a full explanation on downloading media on the BBC Webwise site. Check the Download Guide at

A broadband player has been added to the site in 2006. This is a compilation of clips, presenting the best clips from each of the regions featured in the fourth TV series, which you can watch at a larger size. The player features exclusive clips from some of the programmes' contributors, who hail from every corner of Scotland. If you have broadband internet access you will be able to watch high-quality clips of all the films, which are available at a larger size for narrowband internet access too. The clips are also available on the standard version of the site.

Archive Film
Scottish Screen ArchiveMany of the archive film extracts are courtesy of Scottish Screen Archive - Scotland's Moving Image Collection. The Archive was established in 1976 and is a department of Scottish Screen, the national body for film in Scotland.

The main purpose of the Archive is to locate, preserve and provide access to
moving images reflecting all aspects of life in Scotland in the 20th century. Through its collection of viewing copies the Archive can provide access for historical research, for educational use and to members of the public with bona fide historical or research interests.

In addition to film and video, the Archive actively collects cinema memorabilia, photographs, publicity materials, scripts and business records relating to the film production and cinema exhibition industries in

For more information on the Archive and its services visit the archive's website:
You can search for specific films and view clips from the archive's collection on the website too.

If you go into the Forum section you will see twelve themed topics. The Forum topics corresponds to the Film and Radio Archive topics. Clicking on one of these sections will take you to the Forum index page for that particular topic. Once there, you can read what other people have said and add your own memories or opinions on the subject by clicking on the ‘Add your message’ button at the bottom of the page.

You can add your message straight away, or if you want time to think about what you'd like to write, you can email us at a later date to:

If you see this icon: New beside a message then that message is new to the Forum that week.

While on the Clip index page you can easily enter the Forum for that topic by clicking on the button called 'visit our forum on this topic' on the right hand side. Vice-versa, you can go from the Forum index page to the Clip index page for each topic by clicking on the button to the right called 'Visit our film & radio archive on this topic'.

You can also use the A-Z index to help you find specific clips you are interested in. Once you have found the clip you are looking for simply click on the icon.

And if you are interested in a particular region, you can search through the material relating to each region by visiting the location index on the left.

Please email us if you encounter any problems with the website.

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