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16 October 2014
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Taxis in Stonehaven
There are 2 messages in this section.

Alf Smith from Stonehaven. Posted 14 Apr 2002.
My Grandfather had a taxi business in Stonehaven, it consisted of two Rolls Royces as there were no such things as mini cabs in those days. He called himself a ‘Motor Hirer’, today it would be called chauffeur drive. During the wartime petrol rationing he bought an Austin 20 which never came out of the garage. It was registered so that he could get extra petrol for his business, and I suspect, barter for the under the counter stuff from the butcher.

I had the use of an old tyre off one of the cars to use as a gird, I could barely see over the top of it as I ran through the streets steering it with a stick.
With my Granda having his own business we must have been relatively well off for the period. I believe this to be true as all my pals had to run around barefoot in the summer months, while I was forced by my Grandparents to wear shoes. I would presume that this was for the neighbours benefit, to stop tongues wagging as they say. However, not to be the odd one out, I would take off my shoes and socks as soon as I got out of sight of the house, I always hid them in a bush on Belmont Brae and honesty being what it was in those days, they were always there when I went back for them.
Susan Cunningham from Hampshire, England. Posted 13 Apr 2005.
My mother in law lived in Goudon as a child her name was Margaret (Greta) Bannaman. They owned a baker shop which also sold sweets we are trying to find out if anyone remembers her or her family. I would love to hear from you, many thanks, Sue

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