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16 October 2014
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Working in the Shipyards
There are 5 messages in this section.

Gavin Miller from Bearsden. Posted 13 Mar 2002.
It was impossible to get one over on the guys who worked in the yards.

There was one welder who was caught sleeping on board the vessel he was working on. His gaffer, who had been after him for a while, said "right ya lazy sod I've caught ye now. Collect your jotters." The welder asked him the time and the gaffer replied ten past eight. The welder said "Well you can eff off cos ma shift finished ten minutes ago and I can sleep in my own time."
Ann Adamson-Eadie from Glasgow. Posted 8 Apr 2002.
When I was just about 5 my Mum was taken in to the then Paisley Maternity Hospital (now Ross Hall) in November 1969 to have my little brother. I was sent to work with my Dad for the day. He worked in Fairfields in Govan. This was of course long before creches or 'take your daughter to work days'. I had great fun with the Gateman, playing with his cat, he even let me pick the kitten he would keep. The thing I remember most is the size of the ships, to me they looked like mountains. My Dad promised me he would wave when he got to the top of his, which he did and I was frightened that he would fall off, I thought the boats were hollow and that as he was a marine engineer he had to build the engine first, before they would build the rest of the ship!!! I often wonder if the Gateman got into bother for hiding me in there all day and if he really did keep that kitten.

Jason Back from Clydebank. Posted 9 Apr 2002.
My friend told me that, during the war, when the Luftwaffe bombed Clydebank he was working on a ship in John Brown's shipyard. All of a sudden a bomb fell from the sky and landed straight down the ship's funnel! Luckily for old Robert it didn't go off.

Joe Watson from Nottingham. Posted 15 Mar 2005.
My dad used to drive the big Scott Lithgo crane in greenock, he worked with his dad later on red leading and he often wishes he could catch up with anyone who knew him in those days but time is against him so if anyone knows Tommy Watson or Jamsie Watson who worked in the shipyards of Greenock please get in touch.

Arturo Hernandez Correas from Halle (Saale) Germany. Posted 1 Aug 2005.
To Joe Watson,
Hi, you must have for sure lots of stories and experiences from when your dad was working at the Greenock crane... I want to know them all. I've been looking for a long time somebody who knows everything about those cranes. Having found this site's it has been of incredible help to me. But if I get to know somebody who actually worked there anytime from the 30's to now... man, that would be a blessing!
If you or anybody with information about those Greenock or John Brown's cranes read this, don't hesitate in contact me at:
Thank you,
Arturo Hernandz Correas

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