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16 October 2014
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Criteria for genuine Handwoven Harris Tweed
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Bruce Burns from Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, Scotland. Posted 1 Aug 2005.
The film-clip "The traditional methods used to produce Harris Tweed" retained for safety in the Archives of the BBC Scotland illustrates the utimate evidence that the only 'mode of operation' used for warping in the making of Harris Tweed is that, and always has been that , of HANDWARPING on the traditional Wooden Handwarping stakes as illustrated visually herewith.

In terms of Lord Hunter's Judgement 1964 , NO cloth may be legitimately descibed as or sold as Harris Tweed unless it conforms the REGULATIONS agreed in 1934 by the then Board of Trade as part of the certification Trade Mark granted to the Harris Tweed Association.

Thus, POWER_WARPED and BEAMED tweed may NOT in terms of Lord Hunter's Judgement 1964 be described as Harris Tweed . Such cloth, in terms of Lord Hunter's Judgement 1964 is "spurious".

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