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16 October 2014
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There are 8 messages in this section.

Amelia McKinlay from Glasgow. Posted 28 Feb 2003.
My father was a coalminer, I remember when he brought his moleskins home to be washed my older sister or myself had to go outside to beat the coaldust from them before my mother took them to the wash house to be washed.We got a miners house in Dunfermiline it was brand new, upstairs and downstairs we had no waxcloth on the floor because we had lived in a single end in the Gorbals. The windows of the new house looked onto the Glasgow line and everytime we saw a train we all started crying, My mother stuck it 2 weeks and we all came back to the Gorbals where we lived
Agnes Robinson from Sydney, Australia. Posted 3 Mar 2003.
Why did you go back to the Gorbals, when you had a new house?

Amelia McKinlay from Hants. Posted 5 Jan 2004.
Just wated to say, my family also worked as coalminers and are of Scottish decendant.. P.S, I have the same name as you Amelia! :-)

Tricia Tennent from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Posted 13 Apr 2004.
Amelia Mc Kinlay from the Gorbals is my aunt and the big sister she helped with their Dad's clothes is my mother. In reply to why they went back to the Gorbals...God only knows!! My mum told me that when they lived in the Gorbals, they never moved out of it...they shopped there, went to the pictures there and every thing they needed was in the Gorbals!! My father, also brought up in the Gorbals, was the first person to take her out of the Gorbals and out of Glasgow. When we were young kids, he often organized day trips to Loch Lomand, Oban, etc. My mother's explanation of the Gorbals reminded me of Catherine Cookson's "Fifteen Streets", where you were born, lived and died in 15 streets. As an adult, when I found out about this story I was flabbergasted and wondered how their lives would have changed if they had just given Dunfermline and the big new house a little bit longer then 2 weeks!! However the family talk fondly about the Gorbals and didn't seem to notice the dire poverty or conditions they lived in.

Sammy Hamilton from Dunfermline. Posted 6 Apr 2005.
My dad was a miner in Blair hall pit, and then Solsgirth mine. He moved through from Tunnockside near Glasgow in 1947. My mum and him moved into a brand new house in Woodmill, which looked onto the main Glasgow line. I wonder if this was the same housing scheme as Amelia?

Andy from Errol. Posted 28 Nov 2005.
If you are interested in the true story of a mining family I recommend a look at

Robert Kirkwood from Cowdenbeath. Posted 12 Jul 2006.
My Dey worked all his days down the pits in Tunnochside/Fife and also resided all his married days in Woodmill he to could see the trains from his home going west.

Amelia McKinlay from Glasgow. Posted 6 Mar 2006.
Three years has passed since today when I put a message in about my father who was a coalminer. In answer to the second message, we all loved the Gorbals and more or less everyone was in the same boat as ourselves. All our family i.e. grannie,aunts, uncles and cousins all stayed there except one who lived in Govan.

The other message about the man who also went to live there it was the same place, my sister had just left school and went to a firm for a job and they told her that they had made either the material for the Queen's wedding dress or the dress no to sure.

The people in the Gorbals were the salt of the earth and if anyone should read this go into the Gorbals Anecdotes and you will read for yourself. Quite a lot of them are ex-pats who emigrated all over the world when immigration was pretty easy, I think it cost only 10 pounds.

Hope that other people write into the Forum.

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