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16 October 2014
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Baking in the train
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Malcolm Murgatroyd from Glasgow. Posted 6 May 2004.
during a heat wave in the summer of 88 i was returning from a trip to paris on the east coast train from london to edinburgh. it was so hot that the rails had expanded and speeds were restricted to 80 mph. the air conditioning on the train was broken. while it was moving some hot air at least blew through the open windows. there were so many people on the train that all the corridors and spaces between the carriages were full, some folk standing, some sitting on the floor. the train stopped outside peterborough and sat roasting for two hours in the hot mid-afternoon sun. the buffet car ran out of soft beverages, including water. it was so hot that women were sitting in their bras. in first class, there was lots of space and the air conditioning worked fine. they sipped chilled bottles of perrier and champagne. thatcher was still in power and i hated her.

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