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16 October 2014
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my keep fit days
There are 6 messages in this section.

kevin hutton from canada. Posted 13 Feb 2004.
I come from fort William in the west highlands.I have been in Canada only for three years but miss home badly.I,m now '36' but not too many years ago I would run to keep fit and the place i ran most was up Glen Nevis better known for where Harry Potter had his quidditch match's or Mel gibson in Braveheart did his village scenes.

I still feel such emotion when I remember the old stone farm walls,the steep hills covered in scree(stone thats broke of due to weathering)and the vivid colours of the trees when autumn was in.Amusement for us when we were younger was told to get the h#%L out of the house and find something to do.You always did find something,from just a walk up some mountain to building fortress's out of scrap wood ( simple but so special now to remember ).
christine lundstedt from baranof, alaska. Posted 19 Feb 2004.
I loved reading your message. I live in the Alaska island in the alexander archipelago..lots of aches from doing firewood today but all worth it. It means everything for me to be here..I'm the only permanent resident. I feel like a queen..but not yet fit! You're fortunate to have this experience in your life and I bet it will guide you to good things. I wish you the best.

banavie primary from fort william. Posted 15 Mar 2004.
interesting to read the message from an ex member of the community here . can he send more information

Kevin Hutton from Moose Jaw ,Canada. Posted 11 May 2005.
To the person from the Banavie area near Fort William. you might remember the old steam boat (I think?) that was always tied-up at the Banavie-basin....

It was some years ago but we used to play on it with great joy using it as a climbing frame and diving platforms..I think it was called the ocean mist...Used to love in early spring diving in the water to break the ice (as we called it )..Affectionate name for diving in to water that made parts of your anatomy shrivel up and hide...real swimming!!!

Cheryl Harncir from Greenville, South Carolina, USA. Posted 20 Jun 2005.
I read of the Highlands and Scotland and realize the Scotish people have had a long and hard history. I admire you. The country is beautiful. Hopefully sometime in the life I have left I will be able to visit Scotland (especially the Highlands)

Kevin Hutton from Canada. Posted 10 Apr 2006.
You would be more than welcome in Scotland anytime. Also if you have Scotland in your heart you're already a little bit in Scotland.Thanks for the message.

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