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16 October 2014
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The Dairyman
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Mary Downie from Peterhead. Posted 22 Jun 2004.
My late maternal grandfather,Charles Wallace Ramsay, Cherlie to his friends, was a wonderful man.I was broughtup by my late grandparents, Nanny and Cherlie Ramsay and spent an idylic childhood moving from farm to farm over the years and meeting many friends amongst the fellow workers on the farms.
My fondest memory is of strolling through the fields of Barnhills by Kirkcolm, checking the kye (cows) on the fine late summers evenings, riding high on my Granda's shoulders feeling that nothing in the world would ever bother me. Oh, to feel so safe and protected in today's world - how life changes! - but how our fondest memories remain with us and seem to get us through the harder parts of life.
I always remember my Granda's reponse to any of us who complained about trivialities - "monies a body's no as weel aff as wersels,as lang as ye've meat on yer table, yer ain fowur waas aboot ye an' yer health, ye've nocht tae complain aboot".
Dae ye ken somethin? He was richt!!

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