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16 October 2014
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Dating in the 1970s
There are 2 messages in this section.

Martin Rice from Kilmarnock. Posted 6 Jun 2002.
In 1976, during that most glorious of summers, I moved up to Scotland from Surrey. I immediately joined a hillwalking group in Cumnock. There I met a lively lassie, Sally, with dark brown hair & sparkling blue eyes. Us and other group members had lots of fun & many adventures.

Sally, Willie, Billy & yours truly, decided to go boating in Galloway one lovely weekend summer's day in 1977. We took a wee inflatable dinghy, & a paddle & a long length of rope and walked from Glen Trool to Loch Enoch, the deepest loch in that wonderful wilderness - it is at least 150 feet deep. The dinghy only had room for one, so we took it in turns to paddle it out to the middle of the Loch. The water was very cold - it would freeze the balls off a brass monkey! For safety's sake we attached the rope to the wee craft so that those on the shore could pull the dinghy back once its occupant had got fed up being in the loch's centre. All went well when each of us males took our turn. However, Sally went last, and when Wiilie & Billy tried to pull her back in, they got into an enormous "fankle", got the rope badly snagged & twisted round their legs and dropped it into the water. Sally, stranded in the middle, started to panic & scream & shout, yelling "God save me from such fools & bampots!" - she didnae swear as she was very old-fashioned - unlike the rest of us. Eventually, we managed to haul her in and we hugged one another & then laughed hysterically, till our lungs were all aching. During 1977 Sally & I were "winchin' " for 6 months & stopped going out just before Xmas. At the same time Sally's younger sister, Frances, was going steady with Ian. The 4 of us went out on many trips together in Sally's car including a memorable one to the remains of Glenbuck School - where Bill Shankly went - and Lanark. I took photos of that trip plus ones of the Loch Enoch adventure which I still have. Anyway, I heard that Ian & Frances split up just after me & Sally did.

Flash fast forward from 1977, the days of Abba & Fleetwood Mac, to the Millenium, summer 2000. I had not met Ian Spiers for 22 and a half years. I started a new job in Kilmarnock as a postie and guess who lived on my round in a maisonette - Ian! It was like the TV programme, "This is Your Life!"! Ian is a talented humourous writer. The biggest problem with beng a postie is not "man's best friend" (woof! woof!), but needing to do a no.1, or "shaking hands with the wife's best friend, particularly on a cold & windy day! Ian suggested that Royal Mail should supply us each with a mobile toilet as part of the equipment!
adrian proctor from uk. Posted 3 Jun 2003.
did you go onto the island with THE loch on it could it have fish in it?

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