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17 October 2014
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Kenneth McKellar
There is 1 message in this section.

MaggiePoppa from Leeds. Posted 16 Oct 2006.
I am a freelance writer and would like to talk to Kenneth McKellar for a piece I am doing about Hogmanay celebrations years ago. Does anyone have his contact details?

Scottish entertainers
There is 1 message in this section.

paul phelps from Bournemouth. Posted 16 Oct 2006.
I'm trying to gather info on Jean Kennedy, billed as 'Scotland's Queen of Comedy' who performed her variety act througout the 1930's 40s' and 50's including on BBC radio's Worker's playtime. Please help.

Beatles first tour
There is 1 message in this section.

ken mcnab from holidays, leisure and entertainment. Posted 16 Oct 2006.
I'm researching The Beatles' links to Scotland. I'm trying to track down anyone who may have seen the band on their first tour which took in Alloa, Inverness, Nairn,Forres and Peterhead. Or anyone who saw the band on any Scottish tours.

holiday memories
There is 1 message in this section.

neil pendreich from strathaven lanarkshire. Posted 16 Oct 2006.
Our family holidays in the late 50's were most often spent in glen finglass in the trossachs - the big wicker trunk would br well packed and it and the family would take the train to callander where we would be met and taken up the glen - we stayed in quite a few of the houses in the glen over the years and very often the occupant would have decanted to a little hut in order to let their house - i still visit the area to this day with my grandchildren but a lot of changes have occurred in the last 50 years - the railway station in callander is long gone and the glen was dammed in the 60's the resulting loch being used to complement glassgow's water supply and quite a few of the little cottages are now holiday homes or occupied by commuters who work in either glasgow or edinburgh - gone are the shepherds and the gamekeepers etc all a little sad but times move on - anyone else with memories of the area

Daisy Dormer, Music Hall/Pantomine Star
There is 1 message in this section.

Elspeth Thomson from Glasgow. Posted 16 Oct 2006.
My Great Grandmother, Daisy Dormer was top of the bill in most Glasgow pantos in the early 1900's and I wondered if anyone in Glasgow had heard of her or have any information. I have searched the internet and found some photos. Much appreciated

holiday memories
There is 1 message in this section.

neil pendreich from strathaven. Posted 16 Oct 2006.
our family holidays in the late 50's were most often spent in glen finglas in the trossachs - the big trunk would be packed and we would take the train to Callander where we would be met and taken up the glen - we stayed in most of the little houses up the glenat one time or another some of whose occupants had a little hut where they would decant to during the holiday period in order to let out their house - i still visit the area to this day with my grandchildren but what changes have taken place over the last 50 yrars - Callander has long lost its railway station - a large dam was thrown over the glen in the 60's the resulting loch being used to supplement glasgow's water supply and a good percentage of the houses are now second homes or occupied by commuters working in glasgow - gone are the shepherds and gamekeepers etc which is all a bit sad but times move on - i remember Mrs McAdam had the postoffice in Brig o' Turk at the time and one of out neighbours were a Mr and Mrs Sinclair - anyone else with memories of the glen ?

Glasgow forum
There is 1 message in this section.

Lesley from Glasgow. Posted 16 Oct 2006.
Hi if anyones interested come and have a look in the glasgow forum for some chat or join in and add your own message

There is 1 message in this section.

Brian Bowyer from Perth W.A.. Posted 16 Oct 2006.
Still remeber the days in the late 50s early 60's when we would walk 2 miles to school and never worry, stay out till 10pm kicking the fitba at the local park and it was still sunny longing for the school holidays and watch the visitors on the beach during the Glasgow fortnight, our holidays meant caravans down in North Berwick and the mormons would treat us to milk and baseball during the summer evenings, those were the days.

Holidays past
There is 1 message in this section.

Jack Traill from Oxford. Posted 16 Oct 2006.
I well remember the Miners Trips from Penicuik each year. Leaving from the old Pomathorn station on the steam train we would have a great day visiting exotic places such as Galashiels or even going over the water to Burntisland. Throwing pennies out the train window when going over the Forth Bridge for luck.Marching behind the pipe band when we arrived and having everything organised for us like races where you could get a few coppers if you won. Ice cream on the train back and a sleep on the net luggage rack. Happy days!!

There is 1 message in this section.

sarah gilbert from new zealand. Posted 16 Oct 2006.
i was born in portobello in 1938 in wellington street. my family name was cleghorn i would particularly like to make contact with any of the family called condie in wellington street,i used to go to portobello primary school with a jim condie would dearly like to contact them my christain name was sally cleghorn

Lobby Dosser
There is 1 message in this section.

Robert Borland from Troon. Posted 16 Oct 2006.
Does anyone remember Lobby Dosser? It was a cartoon in one of the Scottish Papers. I can't remember which. The characters I remember Are Lobby Dosser himself, one eye shut, a spiky beard and a white hat. He WAS the hero and sherrif.

The Scottish Students Song Book.
There is 1 message in this section.

Fran Hennell from Manchester. Posted 16 Oct 2006.
I have recently come across a copy of The British Students' Song Book, published by Bayley & Ferguson for The Scottish Students Song Book Committee Ltd. Are there any of these students still about and do you have any memories or anecdotes regarding these wonderful (if no longer politically correct)songbooks?

My Grandfather
There is 1 message in this section.

Steve Graham from Glasgow. Posted 16 Oct 2006.
I'm looking for information on my grandfather.

There is 1 message in this section.

IAN SIMPSON from RICHMOND SURREY. Posted 16 Oct 2006.

There is 1 message in this section.

IAN SIMPSON from RICHMOND SURREY. Posted 16 Oct 2006.

There is 1 message in this section.

Anne Sharp from Glasgow. Posted 16 Oct 2006.
I left Cathedral Street 1959 when they pulled down the lovely buildings.has anyone memories or pictures of Annie Andrews fruit shop where you could buy home made tablet,toffe apples candy balls,not much money in those days but what full.Please if anyone has pictures of the Townhead in the 1950 please contact me.

The Beatles in Dingwall
There are 2 messages in this section.

Margaret from Strathpeffer, Highlands. Posted 12 Jul 2006.
It's now fairly well documented that the Beatles played at the Town Hall in Dingwall in January 1963. The only unlikely part of this lady's story is that there were "hundreds" of people there. All other accounts have it that there was a very small audience because everyone else was at a dance in Strathpeffer! For more information, see

Glasgow Variety performers
There is 1 message in this section.

Diane from London. Posted 13 Mar 2006.
A family story goes that my great-Grandfather John Conley McKnight made his living on the stage in Glasgow in the early 20th century. I've no evidence of this being true and would love to know where I could look to see if it could be true. Any ideas anyone?

Neil Sidney/ Neil Macneil at the Empire
There is 1 message in this section.

Tony Payne from Hampshire, England. Posted 13 Jan 2006.
I'm trying to trace any info about my grandfather, Neil MacNeil (stage name Neil Sidney) who was a conjuror performing in the Music Halls in the 1920s/30s. Living in Glasgow, he mostly performed around there (including the Empire) but also in London. He made a movie in London in the 20s I believe. Any comments, suggestions, info gratefully received!!

Inverness Empire
There are 11 messages in this section.

Derek Mathieson from Darlington, Co. Durham. Posted 17 Jun 2005.
Does anybody remember the shows at the Empire, White Heather Club long summer seasons, with Robert Wilson, Gordon MacKenzie and Will Star.

The Singing Minister
There is 1 message in this section.

Fiona Mackenzie from Dingwall. Posted 11 May 2005.
Does anyone have any meories/recordings/news clippings about my Grandfather, the Rev Duncan MacPherson, whom I bever met? He was known as the Singing Minister in the Clydebank area - his church was I believe, Gilcomston in Glasgow but he came from Dunfermline. He did much charity work and sang at events all over Scotland - he also undertook 'The Seaside Mission' during the war. He apparently had a beautiful tenor voice and I would love to hear a recording of him as I am now a singer myself.

Clyde Coast Resorts- Largs
There are 4 messages in this section.

Nancy Blain from Suffolk. Posted 25 Apr 2005.
I used to live in Glasgow. As a young girl I used to go to Largs quite a lot. I haven't been to the town for about 30 years. I remember Nardinis of course, the Moorings Dance and Dinner Rooms and the theatre called Barrfields Pavilion (I know there is already a post on the theatre). I understand it is now part of a new visitor attraction call Vikinger. What changes have been made to the pavilion itself. Is the gallery still there?

Those were the days
There are 10 messages in this section.

Rose McLeman from Florida. Posted 5 Apr 2005.
I grew up in Kelso St., Yoker it was great a lot of happy memories - playing rounders, peevers, jumping the burn at archerhill park. Wish we could go back and relive it. It was great. Also going to the Lacarno, Dalmuir masonic, Dumbarton burgh, Sunday night cafe in Partick - boy, those where the days. Would'nt trade those days now. I'm 63yrs young. enjoy my wee grandson. What a blessing, boy is life good. Thanks for the memories,
Rose McLeman (nee Hart)

White Heather club
There are 6 messages in this section.

Chris from Canada. Posted 15 Mar 2005.
Does anyone know the farewell tune for this show - possibly "Take me Back" or Haste ye back? Thanks

Wilson's Zoo
There are 5 messages in this section.

Jim Jamieson from Larbert. Posted 15 Mar 2005.
I'm surprised few folk believe there was a zoo in the centre of Glasgow namely in Oswald Street. I paid many visits to it when I was young and later I purchased mice from their pet shop. The result of this acquisition was many offspring which I sold back to Wilson's for sixpence each. Whether they sold them or fed them to their snakes is anybody's guess

Beatles signature at the Renfrew Airport
There are 3 messages in this section.

shaun gaudry from calgary alberta canada. Posted 6 Jan 2005.
Hi There. I have a good friend who had a mother that aquired a Beatles autograph at the Renfrew airport and my good friend explained to me that they touched down (they were not suppose to) and my friend’s mother who was working as a waitress at the VIP lounge acquired the signatures at this VIP lounge. Also signed in this address book are Mohammed Ali and two others (Mr TV) Wrestler and a famous DJ. Can you please let me know what information you have on the Beatles arriving at this airport and why they did? My friend also told me that there was tight security and this was why my friend could not be admitted when his mother called him to tell her who she was serving drinks to. The mother got the signatures for her son (my friend). This story does make sense and all the other signatures in the book would lead me to believe this item is 100% authentic. Let me know what you know on the matter. Thanks.

boat-building in 1960's
There is 1 message in this section.

Carol Mcphee from Llanduduno. Posted 21 Dec 2004.
Does anyone remember somebody building a boat in their house and then them not being able get it outside as it was to big ! may sound silly, but it did happen I was told by my Granny who then lived at the craft village "Durness"- it was on a programme on BBC Scotland trying to find it!!!

Archie Glen
There are 5 messages in this section.

Lynne McMillan from MIlton Keynes. Posted 10 Dec 2004.
Does anyone have any information on a comedian named Archie Glen? He performed in the music halls of Glasgow. As a descendant of his I am trying to find any trace of his life.

Kenneth McKellar
There are 11 messages in this section.

Mavis Mee from Bromsgrove. Posted 27 Sep 2004.
Kenneth McKellar must be around 77 years old now and his songs are still widely available on CDs. But does anyone know if he is still performing? I haven't seen him on television for years.

Edinburgh Palais
There are 5 messages in this section.

C Carr from Cambs. Posted 4 Aug 2004.
My grandfather Curly Gill was a drummer and vocalist in the Paul Spector Dance Band, which played at the Edinburgh Palais in the 1920's and 30's. Does anyone know if an archive exists anywhere, that may contain a photograph of the band?

Prince Vallar & Sons
There are 5 messages in this section.

Researcher from Glasgow. Posted 22 Jun 2004.
One of the first professional tattooists to operate a parlour in the UK was Prince Vallar. He began tattooing in Glasgow around 1915 before establishing his Argyle Street shop around 1935. He worked there for approx 15 years before passing on his legacy to his sons Robert and Stephen. Robert worked in the shop until 1965 when the shop was demolished to make way for the Anderston Shopping Centre.

Barrfields Largs
There are 6 messages in this section.

D MacDougall from Ayrshire. Posted 18 May 2004.
Does anyone have any memories of the Barrfields Pavilion largs?

The Empire Exhibition
There is 1 message in this section.

Stan Gilmore from Largs. Posted 7 May 2004.
In 1938 the Empire Exhibition was held in Bellahouston Park, Glasgow. At primary school one of the mail teachers used to conduct junior gaelic choirs. As the school was invited to send a chaoir and to perform at the Palace of Art Pavillion, the teacher thought it was a good idea to form a school choir and to take part in a concert at the exhibition. He selected pupils form his own clas and arranged the first rehearsal after school.
Althought i was not in his class, i decided to stay behind and to slip in at the back of the choir. After all, a free visit to the exhibition was not to be sneered at. We began to sing Mairi's wedding and halfway through the first few lines an irate teacher suddenly shouted "Stop singing. we have a droner in the choir" and proceeded to ask each pupil to sing the first line of the song. When it came to my turn, i nervously sang the first line. There was a silence and the teacher whose face had turned a fiery red looked at me and in a voice heavy with disgust and horror snarled "Get out Gilmore". And so i ended my musical career and my hopes for a free visit to the Empire Exhibition.

There are 11 messages in this section.

Jim Jamieson from Larbert. Posted 19 Apr 2004.
I remember going to a pantomime in Glasgow and one of the female stars was Movita. Was this the same Movita who appeared in the original Mutiny on the Bounty with Charles Laughton ?

B .B.C radio
There are 6 messages in this section.

Albert Graham from Montreal Canada. Posted 10 Mar 2004.
I have very fond memories Of plays by El du Gar Peach(spelling may be incorect)in the late thirties.

school holidays
There is 1 message in this section.

veronica hann from Australia. Posted 19 Feb 2004.
40 years ago living in perth scotland school holidays were always sunny and warm always remember going strawberry picking, bus would pick us up on the corner at 6am you had to be there or you would miss it.It was a bit of pocket money as we would get payed for the amount that we picked they were grand memories.

Empire Cafe, Dunbar
There are 2 messages in this section.

Rita Bradd from Dunbar. Posted 2 Dec 2003.
My Dad and Mum owned the Empire Cafe. We had the first juke box and pin tables in town and the girls used to jive in the cafe with their beehive hair-do's. The lads used to make silver paper cups and throw them up to the ceiling and they would stick there - they'd get chucked out if they were caught.
Cairns Boston was the best organiser of entertainment in the town and we had bathing beauty contests - one lass from the west coast used to get me to rub on her fake sun tan cream! Jack Mulroy and Rikki Flton would come down regularly and judge the contests and I got Rikki's autograph. The Salvation Army used to have crowds of kids standing round them on the beach singing happy songs. The sun always seemed to shine in those days. The Empire was demolished in January 1996 - very sad to see it go, and my Dad passed away 18 months ago.

BBC Scotland Comedy
There are 7 messages in this section.

Alex O'Brien from Scotland. Posted 24 Oct 2003.
Great site.How about John Grieve and Roddy McMillan in The Vital Spark. Classic, vintage BBC Scotland and well worth inclusion. PS the late Mr Grieve was my dear uncle. Best wishes Alex OBrien

There are 7 messages in this section.

Martin MacGilp from Inverness. Posted 19 Sep 2003.
For an on-going research project I would be interested in hearing from people of their memories of puppet-shows and ventriloquists performances. This could be any type of show from Punch & Judy on the beach or at a Fair, marionette shows, ventriloquists. Would also be interested in hearing from anyone who used to perform with puppets, etc, or whose parents or grandparents were involved.

There is 1 message in this section.

Anne Morgan from Kent (ex Uddingston). Posted 1 Sep 2003.
I remember as a child the Miners' Gala Day, which was held at Bothwell Castle. There were all sort of activities with races and a small money prize for the first three. We had a tinny (a tin mug) tied round our necks, which was filled with milk and a little pink box filled with Tunnock's 'goodies'. This was an annual event and it always seems to be sunny! Tickets were issued to miners from Moore's Pit for
their families.

White Heather Club
There are 3 messages in this section.

Lynne Ninkovic from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. Posted 26 Aug 2003.
Just watched the delightful clip of Andy Stewart c. 1959. It reminds me of New Year's Eves ad nauseam before I was old enough to go out and do something more interesting. Every year the same thing - Andy Stewart, Kenneth McKellar, Moira Anderson - how I longed to grow up! My husband remembers exactly the same thing at their house. Can it really be 35 years since we last saw this nonsense? (Just for the record we both love Scotland!)

Jenny Tizer
There is 1 message in this section.

George Carr from Wirral.England. Posted 22 Aug 2003.
While working on building the Mere Mere Power Staion in the north island of New Zealand between 1957 & 1959 my boss in the store there said his name was George Currie and Finlay Currie was his brother can anyone confirm if Finlay did have a brother called George

Jimmy Friel - Trumpet player - White Heather Club
There is 1 message in this section.

Donna Wright from London. Posted 22 Aug 2003.
Trying to track down Jimmy Friel (or surviving family) who would have played trumpet on White Heather Show in 1961 - he was a friend of the family who was a fellow performer on the show. Please contact Donna, email:

RMS Queen Mary
There is 1 message in this section.

Carole D from BBC Scotland. Posted 22 Aug 2003.
Scotland's Great Liner.

There are 7 messages in this section.

BOB BAIN from GLASGOW. Posted 14 Jul 2003.
Do you have any memories of going to the Glasgow Empire theatre?
The Glasgow Empire closed and was demolished in 1963.
Most of the big American stars appeared there.

Scottish Folk Music
There are 6 messages in this section.

Joe Wynne from Sarnia, Ontario. Posted 9 Jul 2003.
Years ago, living in Glasgow, I used to hear a song that went something like this:
"Come to the Ceiledh, come way me, dance to the music, merry merry music.
Come let us make the raffters ring, let's have a dear old highland fling..."

1940s radio
There are 3 messages in this section.

George Paterson from United States. Posted 3 Jul 2003.
Who remembers Tommy Handley and the gang. One of their favorite songs went:-
Down in the jungle living in a tent,
Better than a pre-fab no rent.

Bonhill Parish Pipe Band
There are 6 messages in this section.

Janet Bell from Alexandria, Dunbartonshire.. Posted 27 May 2003.
I remember the days in Alexandria when at Hogmanay everyone gathered at the Fountain, the focal point of the village to hear the Pipe Band who played out the old year and brought in the new year. Everybody sang and when the new Year came in we sang Auld Lang Syne and shook hands with all the folks, and then went on our way to first foot families and friends.

There are 3 messages in this section.

Billy Mair from Irvine, Scotland. Posted 21 May 2003.
I remember school holidays in the late 50s. Swimming in the river Annick and sometimes a steam train driver would throw us some coal for the fire we used to dry off. We would borrow some potatoes from the local farmer's field to bake on the fire. Wonderful times.

Glasgow Dance Halls
There are 12 messages in this section.

nick wilson from Vancouver, Canada. Posted 15 May 2003.
While standing by the building of a ship at Dennys in Dumbarton in early 1956, we made up a party with the girls from the tracing (ship plans) department and rented a coach to go ballroom dancing in nearby Glasgow. I remember the evening well, but have forgotten the name of the hall. Can anyone help me with some names?

Dixie Ingram
There are 3 messages in this section.

Heather Blair from Scotland. Posted 12 May 2003.
Did Dixie have a brother in the Seaforth Highlanders in 1953 stationed in Buxtehuda Sargent Ingram champion dancer said his brother was a better dancer and dads curious to see if they are related.

Days Out
There is 1 message in this section.

Bobby Barlow from Clydebank. Posted 28 Apr 2003.
I remember as a wee boy being taken with the rest of our family to Rhu, near Helensburgh by our uncle Bobby, who was the only person we knew who owned a car in those days. We had great days out there in the summer, with our "Woolies" plastic sandals to protect our feet from the stoney beach as we collected mussels and welks.

Going "Doon the watter"
There is 1 message in this section.

Tom McOwat from Lincolnshire. Posted 22 Apr 2003.
The ferry from Gourock to Rothsay,a paddle steamer called Waverley, feeding breadcrusts to the gulls, and gettin to lok at the engine pistons through the viewing window. Lots of fun for any wee boy.

Tammy Troot
There are 8 messages in this section.

George from Pittenweem. Posted 18 Mar 2003.
Anybody have any info on where I can obtain any of the Radio Scotland stories of Tammy Troot, this was presented by Kathleen Garscadden in Childrens Storytime in about 1947 any info greatly appreciated.

The Odeon Theatre in Ayr
There are 2 messages in this section.

Colin Kennedy from Toronto Canada. Posted 15 Feb 2003.
i think my fondest moment was watching Mary Poppins in the Odeon Theatre in Ayr, that is a long time ago, when it was in Burns Statue Square. After I had sen it about 6 times, I saved enough money from my birthday presents to treat my parents to a showing of Mary Poppins. Jings I felt like million quid, me takin' my Ma and my Pa tae the movies.

youth hostels...S.Y.H.A.
There are 6 messages in this section.

Jock Fraser from Darwin, Australia. Posted 20 Jan 2003.
come on people, write to me about your youth hostel holidays in Alba. romance? cooking? friendships, remember all the wee jobs you used to do in the a.m.? Singing
round a campfire and those beautiful Scandanavian broads!

Celtic Daytrip
There is 1 message in this section.

Mick Murphy from Tayside. Posted 17 Jan 2003.
One of my fondest memories was getting the train at Cowdenbeath anytime Celtic were at Easter Road. We had a carry oot that would choke a horse and were half gassed when we reached Auld Reekie. We would frequent each pub from Leith Walk to Easter Road and then do the reverse coming back. Oh what glorious memories. The day we won the league in 1977 - we stayed till the last train!!

1940s radio
There are 10 messages in this section.

George Paterson from United States. Posted 13 Jan 2003.
Who remembers Tommy Handley and the gang. One of their favorite songs went:-
Down in the jungle living in a tent,
Better than a pre-fab no rent. TTFN G.P.

There are 2 messages in this section.

Peter Dornan from Glasgow. Posted 7 Jan 2003.
We were watching the hogmanay special on BBC1 at 6.30pm last week when we both got the shock of our lives. Towards the end of the programme we saw archive footage of a Glasgow family celebrating the bells in the old traditional fashion, where everyone was singing along to a man playing a guitar. The man with the guitar is my father-in-law who passed away 5 years ago and his wife who I never met is also in the same clip, she passed away 5 years before I met my wife. We were told a few years ago that cameras were at their house in old Rutherglen Road for a Panorama special about typical Glasgow hogmanay celebrations. We think the year was either 1959-60 or 1960-61. My father-in-laws name was Alex Fraser and his wifes name was Chrissie. The Panorama special was never shown so you can imagine our excitement when we discovered the footage was still around.

There is 1 message in this section.

John M McAvoy. Posted 19 Dec 2002.
One of my fondest memories was hanging out of the window of the steam train (coming from Tillynaught junction)looking for the first glimpse of the sea as it approached Banff Harbour station.

Glasgow novelist George Friel
There are 7 messages in this section.

Aoife Kernan from Dublin. Posted 19 Dec 2002.
I am a PhD student at Trinity College, Dublin and am currently researching the
work of the Glasgow novelist George Friel at the Centre for Irish-Scottish
Studies at Trinity. I know that one of Friel's novels was made into either a
film / series entitled "the boy who wanted peace." (This is the title of the
nove - I am not 100% certain that it was the title of the drama production
although I have not read otherwise.) I would be really very grateful if you
could point me in the right direction to gaining access to a copy / archived
copy of this production. It would be invaluable to my research.

Glasgow Concerts 1940s-1950s
There is 1 message in this section.

Mary (Crossley) Donnelly. Posted 2 Dec 2002.
My grandfather Arthur Webb used to organize "Arthur Webb Presents" concerts in Glasgow.He was also manager of summer shows in North Berwick and Girvan. Does anyone remember those days?

Co-op Holidays
There are 7 messages in this section.

Betty Doran Cunningham. Posted 27 Oct 2002.
My Dad was a baker for the Co-op in Glasgow, and ever year we were able to go to the Co-op camps as we called it, we had individual chalets, we were a family of seven, I can't remember if we were all in the one chalet, but we had great fun, dinner was served in a big dining room, and if you were late for dinner all the other vacationers would bang the table with their spoons, we made our own entertainment, walking all over Rothesay, and just loved going down Canada Hill which was a twisty turny road as we called it, they really were the good old days, in the 1940s.

Holidays at Invergordon
There is 1 message in this section.

E Cochrane. Posted 26 Oct 2002.
As a child I remember holidays as a family, it's a bit vague actually but there are some old photos of some of the (extended) family on the beach at Invergordon, before the smelter that is...great weather too by the looks of things!

Going down the Clyde
There are 6 messages in this section.

Elizabeth Minnoch. Posted 18 Oct 2002.
I remember going down the Clyde on the Queen Mary and going to East Kilbride on holiday when it was still farm fields.

Holidays in Scotland
There are 2 messages in this section.

Theresa Pellowe (Hynes). Posted 13 Oct 2002.
I remember going to a fishing village in Fife called Pittenweem. My Aunt who lived in Glasgow had a house there and if we had more than two days off school we went there. We used to have a great time and in those days we never locked the front door, so we were able to come and go as we pleased. There was a great outdoor swimming pool which we went to every day. Not far away was Anstruther, St Monance and Elie, all places we used to walk to when we wanted a change. Oh happy days.

Holidays in the 1960s
There are 2 messages in this section.

David from Paisley. Posted 6 Aug 2002.
I remember in about 1963 going on a cycle trip to Loch Lomond. We all got up early and made up our sandwiches. I borrowed an old bicycle from a pal (it had only one gear and looked a bit tatty). We set off from Paisley to Glasgow into the Clyde tunnel and onto the Great Western Road heading north. Much later we stopped on the shores of Loch Lomond at Balloch for lunch.

The actor Finlay Currie
There are 28 messages in this section.

Jennifer Pizer from New Zealand. Posted 10 Jul 2002.
My name is Jennifer Pizer nee Currie, my Grandfather was Finlay Currie the actor. My father George was the only child of Finlay and Maude. In 1963 my father was flown from N.Z by the BBC to appear on This Is Your Life: Finlay Currie with Eammon Andrews.
We have recently obtained a copy of this programme from the BBC in London. When my father was in London he was given a wonderful set of photographs,which I now have, of Finlayin most of his films.
My father died 17years ago, and my brother and I feel we know very little about Finlay and his early life, so any information would be great.

Scottish teams in Europe
There are 2 messages in this section.

Steven Scrimgeour from Dundee. Posted 15 Jun 2002.
It was fantastic in 1987 when Dundee Utd. got all the way to the UEFA Cup final, the whole city got such a buzz from it! All anyone talked about throughout the whole season was United and I was so jealous that some of my pals went to see some of the away games! It was the greatest time of my life up to then and it's still up there with my wedding!

Holidays in the 1970s
There are 6 messages in this section.

Julie McHugh from Dunbartonshire. Posted 29 Apr 2002.
I remember going to Burntisland in 1976. We came from a small village called Croy in Dunbartonshire and the fact that me and my two brothers and my sister were whisked away to this exotic seaside resort was absolutely magical to us. We stayed in some holiday chalets near Findhorn, but for all the world we could have been on the other side of the planet.

Holidays of the 1940s
There are 6 messages in this section.

Margaret Strachan from Aberdeen. Posted 18 Mar 2002.
When we were younger we could never afford a holiday, so during our break from school we got a bus to Cove. We’d climb all over the rocks and made fires to cook our food over. Our first real holiday came when I was 16, we went to Blackpool and found a cheap place to stay.

Big Days Out in the 1920s
There are 3 messages in this section.

Jimmy McGregor from Perth. Posted 12 Mar 2002.
Annual picnic was the highlight of the summer. Boarding a train at Kinloss Railway Station, fathers mothers, children, would set off for Nairn. Arriving there we formed up outside the station, the bigger boys were given banners to carry and a piper led the way through the town to the Links.

Radio of the 1940s
There are 14 messages in this section.

Jean Reynolds from Argyll. Posted 18 Mar 2002.
I have many happy memories of the wireless programmes of the 40s - Childrens' Hour with Kathleen Garscadden - "Down at the Mains", a favourite as I lived on a farm.

Cinema Visits
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Fraser Thomson from Scone. Posted 12 Mar 2002.
My first ever visit to the cinema was at the age of six when my father took me to an afternoon double bill of Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back. I don’t remember much about the actual films except that for some bizarre reason the cinema showed the sequel (The Empire Strikes Back) before the original film!

Sporting Internationals
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John Beattie from Glasgow. Posted 12 Mar 2002.
Going to rugby internationals as a teenager was a great experience. I have wonderful memories of our team finishing playing a match on the Saturday morning then heading straight down to Queen St Station to catch the train through to Edinburgh. There was always a terrific atmosphere on the trains with huge crowds of us kids carrying on and drinking cans of beer.

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