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16 October 2014
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Wartime bomber graveyard
There are 6 messages in this section.

Fiona Mackenzie from Ross-shire. Posted 16 Sep 2005.
I distinctly remember as a child in the 60s being frequently taken to see 'the planes graveyard' somewhere beside Burghead/Findhorn area in Moray but as my dad is dead now, I cant find out where exactly it was. I remember it was right beside the road which ran alongside the outside edge of the field. Must have been anear the airfields somewhere. Does anybody remmber this at all? I went to have a look for the field last year but my memory was sketchy and I never found it - maybe its been cleared now.
Darren from Kingston, Moray. Posted 14 Nov 2005.
I believe the site you are looking for is RAF Brackla. Check out the Moray aviation trail website - pics might stir the memories!

Murray McLean from Lossiemouth. Posted 22 Feb 2006.
I remember as a boy playing among bombers and fighters all together, in a yard bottom of Gordon Street in forres. If you came from Burghead direction you could have taken the back road from Kinloss, alongside Findhorn bay, into Forres by Mossit burn. This was in the fifties, 1954 or so.

Daniel Sharpe from Auckland NZ. Posted 13 Mar 2006.
I landed at Brackla in 1946 to bring the crew of an aircraft that was time expired back to our home base

Donald from Glasgow. Posted 10 Apr 2006.
I grew up at Brackla in the 70/80s, I have a lot of memories of running around the airfield. I wish we had taken photos, as it's all farmers fields now.

Bill Hepburn from Fort Augustus. Posted 16 Oct 2006.
Hi you might enjoy reading the book " A STEEP TURN TO THE STARS " Author Jim Hughes. It mentions Brackla and many other airbases along the north of Scotland.

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