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16 October 2014
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Robert Simpson from Old Kilpatrick . Posted 11 May 2005.
I was almost ten at the start of the war in Glasgow. I can remember us huddled round a radio listening to Neville Chamberlain saying we were now at war with Germany and my Mother crying at that, then the sirens went. The air raids were exiting to us, I remember getting the magnesium from unexploded incendiary bombs and setting it alight. I was evacuated three times to Ayrshire but did not stay away for very long.

I started work in 1944 and saw the 10 ton bombs being turned on large lathes in the heavy machine shop. Other items were tank turrets and torpedo assembly.

We had quite a party on VE night with bonfires and dancing in the street as well as going round pushing over the brick baffle walls at the close mouth. Does anyone remember the line of barrage balloons along the Clydeside being struck by lightening one after the other and going down in flames, this happened on a Sunday morning? Want any more memories?

Cameron from Toowoomba, Australia. Posted 26 Apr 2006.
I was just a wee wee boy but I remember my mum dressing me in my siren suit and taking me down to the shelter-and-the house across the road, in Glagow, just disappearing, when it was bombed.

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