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16 October 2014
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G.Paterson from Portland,Oregon, U.S.A/. Posted 29 Oct 2004.
When we were kids during the war in Uddingston, after an air raid the Germans would send over a small reconaissance plane to take photos of any damage the bombers done the night before. When the airaid warden passed our street we would run out and wave up at the plane and shout our pictures are going back to Germany.
Richard Kenna from West Linn, Oregon, USA. Posted 19 Jan 2005.
It was grand to see your message that you posted. I was someone who fought the Iceland whalers in 1978. I worked for Greenpeace at that time and we had to refuel in the Shetland Isle's. I would give anything if I could go back there and live. Such wonderful people and a beautyful land. Just wanted to pop you a note, as I saw you live in Portland.
Cheers, Richard

Allan Dickie from Christchurch, New Zealand. Posted 5 Apr 2005.
I lived just outside Uddingston from 1938 to mid-1941 and attended Uddingston Grammar School. I used to walk home for lunch, and we lived near where there is a zoo now. I understand there is a huge motorway interchange there now. Anyway, on one day when walking back to school I recall clearly seeing a large low flying aircraft flying due south. I am sure I could see the crew.

When I got to school everyone was in the shelter and I hadn't heard the sirens. Later I read that a Dornier "flying pencil" had flown over the area. I clearly recall the 13th March 1941 blitz and spending some eight or nine hours in a makeshift shelter under our stairs. I think that as boys we secretly enjoyed these wartime events but I would not wish them on any of my descendants.

NANCY from CLACKAMAS, OR. Posted 16 Oct 2006.

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