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16 October 2014
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Clydebank Blitz1941
There are 4 messages in this section.

Edward Thomson from Glamis Angus. Posted 29 Dec 2003.
I was looking at an old diary recently and noticed the words Glasgow bombed.It reminded me of the night I spent in an Anderson Shelter in Wardie (Edinburgh!).I always kept a note of films I had seen and I seem to recall The Rains Came acolor film drama about India.It was being show at the Embassy cinema in Boswall Parkway abour half a mile from my home.The evening screening was interrupted by the Manager coming on stage to say that an Air RAid Warning was in force but the screening would continue.Along with a friend Jack Thomas we decided to leave and make for our local homes.Outside the cinema the sky seemed to be full of aircraft and by the sound obviously German.There was an AA battery at West Pilton camp which was sending up a few ineffectual rounds so we dashed for our homes.It mst have been around 8pm because we were in the shelter until after midnight before the All Clear sounded.There seemed to be little opposition to this massive Strike force I did learn later that it had been the horrific Clydebank Blitz and only two Luftwaffe aircraft had been brought down.My guess was this was about 13/14March 1941 I was 13 years old and sent for saftey to relatives in Aberdeen shortly after.
Joyce Brazer from Winnipeg, Canada. Posted 3 Feb 2004.
I was evacuated from Clydebank to Cumbernauld prior to the blitz, March 13/14 1941
Along with other vacs. I was in my camp bed in our shelter, which was formerly the staff dining room located in the basement of Cummbernauld House. We also occupied the entire top floor where staff had formerly lived.
We could hear the drone of the planes and the distant thud of the bombs, but little did we know they were falling on our homes. Next morning we were all excited to see a large crater in our schoolyard. Shrapnel, we were told, had caused it. I have fond memories of my days in, what was then, a village. The people made us feel very welcome.

Spruce Baillie from Edinburgh. Posted 31 Aug 2004.
To Edward Thomson or anyone else who was evacuated from home and sent to the countryside during the war. I am currently researching for a CDROM for Scottish Schools on the 2nd World War in Scotland and would love to talk to you, please get in touch! or 0131 467 2032.

Rena Douglas from Sydney, Australia. Posted 16 Sep 2005.
I am searching for information on a bomb being lodged in a ship's funnel (I presume in Clydebank)and my father being called out to assist in removing it. He was a welder (boildermaker) in the shipyards. My father never told me of this, it was his brother but they are both deceased now. I would love to know more about the incident.

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