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16 October 2014
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There are 4 messages in this section.

Allison from Tor. Ont. Canada. Posted 28 Apr 2003.
I had Diptheria when I was eight yrs. old I was in Colinton hospital outside Edinburgh for 2 months, they gave my parents a number and they had to look in the evening news paper every night to see that number and if it wasn't there it meant I had died, because they were not allowed in to see me because this was the hospital where all the children with contagious diseases were put, they could only look at me through a small window.
Irene Easton from Dunfermline. Posted 4 Apr 2005.
The hospital at Colinton was the infectious diseases hospital: it was the City Hospital in Greenbank Drive. I did not work there at that time, but I worked with nurses who did. It has been turned into luxury flats now!

Edith Caulfield Cavanagh from Toronto, Canada. Posted 16 Sep 2005.
I was in the "City Hospital" for my 5th birthday with Scarlet Fever in 1949. The girl in the next bed to me was also named Edith. My mother sent up some soft drinks and a cake for me. Well, the nurse thought it was for the girl next to me so she gave her the cake and we all sang happy birthday to her, myself included!
I knew something was wrong but I waited till it was all over then I told the nurse it was my birthday.....oh boy!! I was really spoiled then - they got me another cake and a big book
and i was allowed to stay up late with the nurse and read it. I will never forget the nurse - her name was Nurse Lamb.

Bill Cunningham from Sydney, Australia. Posted 13 Mar 2006.
I was a patient at the hospital at age seven; spent fourteen weeks there. I have written a poem about the event, anyone wishing to read this can cotact me at

Great hospital, wonderful staff; here I am still alive and well at age seventy-eight..

Bill C

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