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16 October 2014
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Before the NHS
There are 4 messages in this section.

Belinda Arthur from Glasgow. Posted 20 Feb 2003.
Radio Scotland's new history programme 'Past Lives' would like to hear your memories of illness and medicine before the NHS. What cures did your mother suggest for common ailments? Did you ever call the doctor out? Could you afford to? And what were hospitals like? We'd love to know. Please call 0141 338 3473 and ask for Belinda, or respond to the forum here, or e-mail me directly:
Pamela Moore from Liverpool. Posted 13 Mar 2006.
I grew up in the West of Ireland in the 50s and 60s and we never called the doctor out cause it cost money which we didn't have. I was taken to a quack when I had cow-pox and my sisters when they had ring worm. He cured us.

Mary Genovese from Bristol. Posted 12 Jul 2006.
I was born in Glasgow just a matter of months before the Welfare State came into being. I got severe bronchitis which threatened to turn into pneumonia and no money for penicillin. The rent money got used, and not just my Mum & Dad's !!

Belinda Arthurs. Posted 11 Oct 2006.
I was looking for family and typed in my own name and up popped your name.
I am a water analyst and water conservationist living in California.
Your topic interested me since I have an interest in natural healing.
My parents used mustard plasters for chest problems, and never did we run off to a doctor for stitching up. My father would blow cigarette smoke in my ears to relieve earaches. I know none of this is relevent to your query in Scotland but wanted to say hi to my almost namesake.

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