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16 October 2014
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Hospitals in the 1950s
There are 3 messages in this section.

John Beattie from Glasgow. Posted 12 Mar 2002.
Not long after I came back to Scotland I had an accident where a firework exploded on my neck and so I was packed off to hospital. I was sent to the Victoria Infirmary which I thought was an horrific place, like something out of the dark ages. The ward I was in was full of old men who suffered from throat cancer usually caused by smoking. All these old guys had an instrument in their throats which was like a propeller and it was a horrible sight to see nurses insert tubes into their throats to drain the mucus from their lungs as it couldn’t pass above the propeller. I was so embarrassed at my injury that I made up a story about having a nose operation and when I came back from the operating theatre I was mortified as the old men told me how much better my nose looked.

David McCulloch from Glasgow. Posted 9 Apr 2002.
After suffering from a sore throat for years I eventually got admitted to The Ear and Nose Hospital in Glasgow, which was a Victorian Hell Hole. Most of the patients were in for Mastoid Operations and when they came back from the theatre they were in terrible pain. Over the following days they had to have yards of cotton wool taken out of their ears and replaced with fresh, which was jammed into their ears with things like knitting needles and they were suffering in agony. One poor man had been in for weeks very ill and had been given an antibiotic, he must have been allergic to it as he was covered in a terrible rash. The surgeon in charge was a little Chinese man who was a terror. He was nicknamed the Man from Manchuria. I was glad to get out of there alive I can tell you. The Hospital has been closed down for years.

Marion. Posted 17 Apr 2002.
I always thought that hospital was a good one, my Father worked there. No! he was not a Doctor.

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