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16 October 2014
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False Teeth
There are 2 messages in this section.

Kirsty Williams from BBC Radio Scotland . Posted 24 Oct 2003.
It may sound gruesome but as late as the 1940's, people were having all their teeth pulled out as a birthday or wedding present. In the days before the NHS, no teeth = no expensive dental bills. A nice uncomplicated set of dentures could be an attractive prospect.

We're trying to track down anyone (probably 70 year olds +) who had all their teeth taken out in their early adulthood and who'd be prepared to talk to us for Radio Scotland's history magazine programme, Past Lives. We want to hear how a new set of dentures at 21 could have been the answer to someone's prayers…

If you, or someone you know, can help us please get in touch with me either by e-mail or by phone (0141 338 3473.
Pamela Moore from Liverpool. Posted 13 Mar 2006.
I grew up in the West of Ireland in the 50s and 60s and we did not have tooth paste or a tooth brush. We cleaned our teeth using soot from the chimney, and salt using a rag. My Granny had all her teeth pulled, she said it was the best thing as 'they were a trouble coming and a trouble going' I had a tooth pulled in 1966 when I had my first baby, the dentist said 'you loose a tooth with every baby' so he ripped one out. I am 60 now and have most of my teeth so the soot and salt worked! By the way there were no shops around and no sweets. Good Luck

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