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16 October 2014
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School dinners
There are 3 messages in this section.

Carron Munro from Greenock. Posted 16 Sep 2003.
I am a student studying tv operations and productions and I enjoyed reading all the messages about how we used to eat.
As part of a project i am making a short factual documentary on school dinners and the modern eating habits of youth today. I would really enjoy if anyone had any funny stories or just anything they would like to say on the matter. Have Scotland's young peoples' eating habits changed and do you think the change is for the worse or better? Thanks
Helen Cruse from Troon. Posted 5 Jan 2004.
When my son was in Primary One the local primary invited us along to see how our little ones coped with buying a school lunch for themselves. I duly went along and as instructed left my child to order his lunch by himself. The food is served into sectioned trays and I was ever so proud as I watched him carry it to a table and sit to eat. I sat down with him and then stared in horror as he firstly had a mouthful of fish and chips followed instantly by a mouthful of custard with apple pie. When I asked him why he was mixing the two he said "they gave it to me all at once so I'm eating it all at once."

janette from alexandria. Posted 11 Oct 2006.
I was born in 1939 and had never seen a banana,my Aunt worked at the docks in Partick, and somehow she managed to get some bananas when I was about 4 years old Iremember she gave one to me and I had no idea what it was until she showed me how to peel it I can still remember the taste of my first banana.My husband told of the time when he saw an advert in a shop window of a bunch of fyffes bananas and he asked his Mum what kind of flowers they were ? changed days now,I hope this has been of some interest to you.

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