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16 October 2014
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cooking from scratch
There are 2 messages in this section.

Carol Divers from Dumfries. Posted 17 Mar 2003.
I was a young mum in the sixties, a very young mum, standing at the cooker wearing a mini skirt so short that my children couldn't reach it and sporting a beehive which stood over 4" high! My memories are of cooking everything from scratch and my grocery shopping consisting of all the basic ingredients needed to do this instead of today when I can walk into any supermarket and buy a complete meal which can be microwaved in 5/6 minutes. People say that the food was better then - and yes it may have been more nutritious, but boy was it bland! No Italian recipes, or Indian or Chinese. I never enjoyed cooking but remember enjoying baking. I would wait until a Sunday when my husband could distract the four children and then I would have a marathon session baking all types of scones, fruit tarts, swiss rolls, fairy cakes and large sponge cakes. Every available cake tin and container was filled in order to feed my hungry family. It saved us a fortune and was a "chore" which I enjoyed very much. Oh the smells! I never bake now, it is so much cheaper to buy what I need from the supermarket bakery, plus I am obviously not now catering for a hungry family.
maureen cowan from tannochside. Posted 2 Jun 2003.
reply to carol of dufries.
i was also a young mother of 4 in the 60's. my uncle advised me, that if i dropped my purse in the strret, i had not to bend down & pick it up - alluding to my so-called short skirt. my children do not remember our first house. it was a 2 room & kitchn, no bathroom, toilet, or hot water! shopping had to be done every day, and or only means of keeping anthing cold, was to steep milk etc. in a sink of cold wateer. however, i could bake, thanks to my mother and my grannies, and thanks to a returned emigree friend, i also was taught to make ( with the help of their donated ingredients) spaghetti bolognese, chilli con carni and lasagne. i felt that was the height of sophistication!
however we still ate the staple diet of soups, mince, fish etc., although i wouldn't like to go back to those days, i look back with fondness, and frighten myself that i am of the 'older generation' now

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