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16 October 2014
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Food and Drink
There are 4 messages in this section.

Fiona Middler from Linwood. Posted 17 Feb 2003.
I remember as a child in the early 60s that on a Saturday morning the message boy would deliver my mother's weekly groceries on his bike. The messages would have the list that my mother had handed in earlier in the week, with the items delivered, ticked off on it. My mother was a domestic science teacher and was( and is ) an excellent cook. Her jam tarts and pastries were out of this world! Good food made out of basic ingredients - not bought out of M&S or Sainsburys pre- packed!
Maggie Jungwirth from Wisconsin, USA. Posted 20 Feb 2003.
I live in the U.S. and am of Scottish decent. My grandmother and mother made shortbread for holidays that was much loved.
How does shortbread "fit" into current Scottish norms?
Maggie Payton

Fiona Middler from Dalry, Ayrshire. Posted 4 Apr 2005.
Hi Maggie,
Sorry for not getting back to you sooner! I'd forgotten I'd posted a message on this website! - Shortbread is still a scottish favourite and is very much seen as a traditional food for Hogmanay ( New Yeas'r Eve ) celebrations and also a popular delicacy that tourist buy to remind them of Scotland. Do you still have a recipe for making shortbread? or would you like me to send you mine?
Best Wishes, Fiona

Ewan Cramb from Ohio ,USA. Posted 16 Oct 2006.
My mum makes the best shortbread.(my parents live in the US to).Every time she goes to the doc's for a check up she takes a tin of shortbread and comes back with a tin of free drugs for her blood pressure !The staff at the doctors office gobble the shortie up in no time and try to make her appointments once a week!! she gave me the recipie (which was hard cos she always just guessed the measurements),and I tried it..turned out pretty good but now I cannae find it ! if I do I'll post it on here for ye.

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