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16 October 2014
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The sweetie shop
There are 2 messages in this section.

Mrs Jessie Farlow from Largs. Posted 4 Aug 2004.
In Craigton Road there was a paper shop, a wee confectioners and at the corner, a drapers. The girl in the drapers was very careless. She used to throw the boexes, you konw the ones with the hankies and the stockings in them, out in the midden without ensuring they were empty. As soon as I saw her out at the middem, I was out at her back like a whippet checking those boxes, and 9 times out of 10. She'd have left a pair of stockings in one of them - it was great as mum and dad didn't have the money to buy such luxuries!

The woman in the confectioners was a widow - but she had a boyfriend. One day I sneaked into the shop and just sat there very quietly ogling all the sweets and biscuits. And you know, i never stole one of them! Meanwhile the wifey was in the back shop with the boyfriend - i wasn't quite sure what was going on as I couldn't hear what they were saying. And anyway, I was much more interested in trying to work out which sweetie I would have if I had a wee half penny. I don't know how long I sat there, maybe half an hour or so, when out of the back shop she came. Well, when she saw me sitting there quite the thing - talk about a purple rage! I've never seen anyone turn that colour in my life. She lifted the first thing she could get her hands on - which just happened to be a sweeping brush, and skelped me across the face with it. Well, I legged it out that shop didn't dare darken her door again - well, not for a day or two anyway!
Andrea Tallo from Glenrothes, Fife. Posted 10 Apr 2006.
Sweetie shoaps. Jessie, how I loved reading your wee story about the shoaps in Largs. I lived in Dalry when a child and could picture the sweetie counter. Right enough, you could buy things fur 4 a penny, or spin your money oot an' buy something fur a farthing. A liked to go fur 4 sweeies fur a penny, well you thought you were getting your money's worth. We hud a smashing wee shoap in dalry, with such a good choice o'sweeties. Liked the one aboot the empty boxes too. Good fur you. You could huve selt they stoakins own. Were you no thinkin lassie?
Drop me a wee line if you get this. Best wishes, Andrea Tallo, Glenrothes.

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