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16 October 2014
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floating ambulance
There is 1 message in this section.

Ruth Cameron (nee macmillan) from Livingston. Posted 16 Oct 2006.
i as a small child i grew up on the isle of mull,in the 60's and 70's my grandfather and father both worked for cal mac as it's now known,and on many occasions i remember my father going off in the middle of the night with the boat he was on at that time called the loch buie it was the ambulance boat for all the island's then, to take sick people or pregnant lady's to oban,as the nearest hospital for cases was there,i remember as a small child being scared for my father going out in sometimes the roughest conditions,really wild, on the route from tobermory down the sound of mull to oban,and it was alway's a big relief to see him home safe and sound,esp when i found out later on in life my father could not swim a stroke which nowaday's would probably not be allowed.

There is 1 message in this section.

. Posted 3 Jun 2005.

There are 3 messages in this section.

Angela from Glasgow. Posted 31 May 2005.
I was fortunate (or perhaps unfortunate) to have the help of the ambulance crew when I slipped while climbing the old corporation fence in our backcourt and spiking my side (just millimetres from rupturing my appendix!).

Croy Police Station
There are 2 messages in this section.

Linda Walker-Buckley from Ontario Canada. Posted 1 Feb 2005.
When I was a young girl my dad William Walker [Bill}was in the police force we lived in a house that was the former police station in Croy. We moved to Canada in 1965 and I have never been able to return, although my parents have been back several times. I have very fond memories of this house and wondered if anyone has a picture, if the house is still standing etc.

The Cheapside Street Whisky Bond Fire of March 1960
There are 18 messages in this section.

Bob Wright from Glasgow. Posted 21 Dec 2004.
My father served with the Glasgow Fire Service and I grew up in the North-West Fire Station in Kelbourne Street, Glasgow.

Police Work
There is 1 message in this section.

Margaret Jaffe from USA. Posted 29 Nov 2004.
Yes, I remember one policeman in Scotstoun who should have a special place in hell. No gun but everyone was afraid of him. He was brutal to his son, kicked him from one end of the close to the other & no one did anything. He threatened kids all the time for playing fitba in the street.He once ordered his son to hit my brother in the head with a steel rod but I had run home for my mum and she stared him down (all 5' of her) and took my brother home with no harm coming to him. End of story - he eventually was kicked off the police force, wife divorced him, his son graduated with honors from Glasgow University.

High School in Govan
There is 1 message in this section.

Mrs Eleanor Robson (nee Brown) from Govan, Glasgow. Posted 7 May 2004.
I was a senior pupil at Govan High School in 1962, just having finished my higher exams and looking forward to the month of June which would be a bit more relaxing. However, I think it was the first week in June, one evening about 5 o'clock about one hour after we left school, word went round - the "big school's on fire!"
Being surrounded by tenements - the word went round fast and so we all ran up to see - (we couldn't believe this) oh dear! What a sight! Flames coming out of the roof of the grand old main building - fire engines everywhere - what excitement. Mixed feelings - younger pupils were excited and overjoyed - older pupils a bit more mature and responsible felling quite sad. The fire gutted the building to such an extent that the building had to be demolished and we senior pupils spent the last weeks in June retrieving books etc and moving them to the old Bellahouston Academy building, which then became Govan High for several years until a new school was built. The fire was apparently caused by work-men using blow lamps on the roof.

St Andrew's Ambulance
There are 3 messages in this section.

Buttermilk from Scotland. Posted 4 May 2004.
Just watched the old film about St Andrew's Ambulance, its message is as relevant today as it was then. How many of you out there would know what to do in an emergency situation? St Andrew's Ambulance run a variety of courses which train you to deal with emergency situations in confidence; next time you are at a theatre or sports event, look out for the St Andrew's volunteer who is there to look after your welfare.

Police Work
There are 2 messages in this section.

Alec Morgan from Renfrew. Posted 26 Apr 2004.
I served as a Policeman in Anstruther in 1956 and recall a small boy having found a wad of notes outside the Post Office (OVER £900) and handed them over at the police office. The owner, a skipper from the fishing fleet, claimed the money , which was his crew's wages, and left a tidy reward. It was a joy to see the wee lad's face when his mother was presented with the reward, which was destined for his bank account.

Fire Engines
There is 1 message in this section.

Tam Green from Aberdeen. Posted 16 Apr 2004.
There was a fire in some tenements near where i lived when i was a boy, and i remember the excitement when the fire emgine arrived. I wanted to become a fireman before i saw what they had to battle with that day. i think a chimney had caught fire, and there was more smoke than flames, but it didn't take long for the alarm to be raised and the engine to arrive with all its noise and lights. no-one was injured, but there was a lot of mess and it took a long time for them to find out where the fire was blazing up the chimney. Some of my kids who lived in that flat were really worried about their cat,but it hadn't been in the house and had been out hunting nearby.
My brother ended up emigrating to new zealand and joining the fire service there, and i wonder if that's because of all the excitement of that day!

Police work
There is 1 message in this section.

Eric Beany from Leith. Posted 16 Apr 2004.
My uncle used to be a bobby in the 1960s. The highlight of his distinguished career was the capture of a streaker who was rampaging along the high street in the altogether, frightening young and old alike. He and his colleagues had to apprehend the young man, which was difficult enough - firstly, there are no clothes to grab hold of, and secondly, you have to watch where you put your hands...but perhaps the most difficult aspect was trying to maintain an air of professional decorum (ie keep a straight face!). It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it.

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