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16 October 2014
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Rothesay Academy
There are 11 messages in this section.

Butenet from Rothesay, Bute. Posted 19 Apr 2004.
Hi, I'm interested to know if theres anyone reading this that use to go to Rothesay academy on the isle of bute?
sheeny from isle of bute . Posted 7 May 2004.
hi i live in rothesay and have just finished school there?what age are you?what year were you in? have you just left or have you been gone a while?

Isabel Wilkie from Blackpool. Posted 11 May 2004.
I used to go to a Residential School at Ascog i think it was called SouthPark!

ian macphee from glasgow. Posted 29 Jun 2004.
If we are talking about the same school, it was called Agnes Patrick. I have just returned from Rothesay two days ago were we went to see the school. The girls school at the bottom has been turned into a hotel, as for the boys school, up all they stairs caved into the side of the hill, I do not know what happened to it. I also remember a sweet shop at the bottom of the hill. To me it looked like a little cave but it is no longer there. Happy days eh ? N.B. I was there circa 1963-64.

ianmacphee from shawlands, glasgow. Posted 29 Jun 2004.
It may well have been South Park to our little brains but to the best of my knowledge it was st. agnus patricks. p.s I still have nightmares!

Butenet from Rothesay. Posted 27 Jul 2004.
Theres a 'Southpark Estate' in Ascog, its a big sand stoned house with a few cottages located in its grounds which are let out to people, it was sold last year for around the £500,000 mark... is this your school?

Isabel Wilkie from Blackpool. Posted 18 Aug 2004.
I cant remember the name to be honest with you but it was past the Railway Convalescent home going away from the centre moving more inland. There was a big wall all round it, big gates as soon as you went in through gates, and there was a gatehouse on the right. You went up the path and it was a big big house with a good bit of land but I wouldn't say there would be enough as to have houses on it. I actually thought it was the Fernery as the photo I seen looked just liked it. I remember the the other place up high we had to pass it going to church every week.

Elizabeth White from Didcot Oxon. Posted 16 Oct 2006.
I recall my time there with my twin sister in 1963. Looking back now it struck me as being a very institutional establishment. We were given numbers instead of our names. No abuse took place but it was very regimented. I don't have very fond memories this place. We were only there for six weeks but it seemed to be forever. We had to stay there because my mother was very ill and my father could not cope. I wonder if it is still there and whether anyone else remembers it around the same time?

Alec Dunnachie. Posted 12 Jul 2006.
I went to this school twice - in 1970 aged about 11 with my brother because he was having difficulty attending local school. We went for a month so that his attendance would improve saving him fro approved school. Another brother went to a similar school called the Craig near Kilmarnock. I have crystal clear memories of the place. We would have a banana for supper on sundays there was swimming once a week and disco with the girls school below on a Sunday night. I remeber a beautiful beach, a fantastic garden and an orchard.
There was no abuse that i can recall except if caught feigning illness by Mrs Wilkie!

Jim Markey from Australia. Posted 12 Jul 2006.
I went to the Agnes patrick school near Ascog, Bute, for 7 weeks in 1956 with a group of boys and girls from Catholic schools in inner Glasgow.
We were "at risk" children as at that time there was quite an outbreak of T.B. in the Glasgow and we were whisked doon the watter to get some fresh air and clean surrounds. As a change from the single ends in Townhead where most of my group came from. I have very fond memories of my time there.
At the time both my parents were long term patients in Mearnskirk Hospital in the T.B. pavillions and the Agnes Patrick school was a God-send for me and my sister.

shaun watson from ascog isle of bute. Posted 16 Oct 2006.
There was three schools in Ascog.
The agnes patrick is now a hotel called chandlers.
The stevenson school is now a private house as is South park school.
The railway home next to south park has been made into flats and the cottages sold off.
South park school was a home for handycap kids then the council shut it down and sold it off.
There is also an old salvation army home next to South park which is now called Balmory house it is now a hotel.
Hope this is of use.

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