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Scottish Resistance

Debate: Was Scotland formed through resistance to English invasion?

The presence of a powerful and aggressive neighbour to the south meant that unity was a necessity for survival.

From A history of Scotland: The Last of the Free.

Scotland is a creation forged from the customs, traditions and religion of the Gaelic people.

From A history of Scotland: The Last of the Free.


shauna cameron, scotland 2011-03-18

"They may take our lives but they may never take out freedom!" FREEDOM WILL BE OURS ONLY IN A MATTER AE TIME! LET US BE FREE NOU OR SUFFER THE PAIN AE SLAUGHTER!

Anonymous 2010-12-01

free scotland

Chris, Isle of Lewis 2010-11-01

Hope I have this right, but I believe the question to be debated was on whether Scotland was formed as a result of resistance to invasion from England or the coming together of Celtic peoples with a shared or similar cultural heritage.
Keeping firmly to this question, I believe it was mainly the coming together of the indigenous Pictish tribes and the Scots from Ireland who came into the west of Scotland and eventually spread north and eastwards. It is my belief that the people who came across from Ireland had a common ancestry with the earlier British tribes.

Mike, Scotland 2010-06-26

Re Jerry Watson's comment. If we opted for a federal system of government throughout Uk the Lothian question would become irrelevant. That is, if parliamentary power was devolved within England to regional parliaments similar to the Welsh and Scottish parliaments with similar powers and responsibilities according to population size. Then central government could concentrate upon our dealings with international and UK wide issues.

Gerry Watson, Devon 2010-04-06

I have read the BBC's Brian Taylor's article on the 'Lothian question' with great interest. As the majority of scots seem to vote Labour. How will the average scot react to a Conservative government. I would be interested to hear from any scot, and especially Brian Taylor's opinion.

Gerry Watson, Plymouth 2010-03-30

Don, Dunblane....I like the Taggart series on T.V......But I dont read that deep into the programme...To me its a cracking detective series.....Any way....Cheers mate........Bewildered Plymouth

Jack Wood, UK 2010-03-24

I also agree wholeheartedly with Linda Strang.
For Malcom of Hampshire: I believe that the man who said 'A patriot loves his country, a nationalist hates everyone else's' or words to that effect was a Frenchman, in fact former primeminister of France during WWI named Clemenceau (the Tiger) anyhow it was either him or Mr. Pastry! To get this joke you have to have not only seen a photo of Clemenceau but also be of a certain age to know who the devil Mr. pastry was!

Don, Dunblane 2010-03-24

HI Bewildered of Plymouth
I hope that sort of answered your questions.
apologies for being longwinded and the mis-spelling of pursuant!
Sorry You asked now eh!

Don, Dunblane 2010-03-24

Hello again!
It has been mooted (satirically) that if - heaven forbid - they (the nats) ever achieve their shangri-lah world of independence that piursuent with their own hates,
would bring in the 'Taggart Test' to whit the ability to say the word murder a la Taggart. In order to root out the none Scoats. I am fortunate (?) enough to be able to pass but lots
wouldn't. As a consequence would have to go into exile! I myself would have to flee and seek political asylum in free England or Wales!
I must add though I do not support nor condone the SNP's aims I in no way impugne the SNP as they include many English accents in their ranks. It is the small minded little Scotlanders that are the real danger.

Don, Dunblane 2010-03-24

Hi Bewildered of Guzz (!),
Yeah I'm ex matelot!
Re your question. Well It stems from years of debate and listening to and overhearing the nationalists in their cups up here in Scotland.
A lot of them seem to judge nationality primarily upon hearing accents.
Of course the most hated is that of the English.
Taggart is a long running Gritty detective series based in Glasgow and it's environs. One of the stock phrases often used in lampoons of the series is 'There's bin a Murder' said with a heavy 'Glasweigan Scoats' type accent.
more to follow.

Bewildered, Plymouth 2010-03-20

To Don - Dunblane..........What is the TAGGART TEST ? - And, who exactly is Taggart ?....

Markus Hamilton, Northampton 2010-03-16

England should have regional parliaments modelled upon the Scottish Parliament. This would then answer the Lothian Question.

Ham, BRITAIN! 2010-03-16

My ancestory is just as mixed

Gerry Watson, Devon 2010-03-10

I personally can never see the Union splitting up. Over the centuries the english and scots have inter-mixed (I have scot ancestors) that people will wonder what all the fuss is about. Im only guessing here...But I think the MAJORITY of the scots people will never vote with the nationalists. Even on this website the majority of scots seem to be in favour of the union. And the number of scots that live down here in my neck of the woods seem to be happy co-habiting with the english. The fact that we are all culturally and financially dependant on each other....What would be the alternative ?

Malcolm, Hampshire 2010-03-09

What is the Taggart Test? Is it a General knowledge quizz? I've seen the programmes.
Oh, and whilst I am at it. Who did say: 'A PATRIOT LOVES HIS COUNTRY: A NATIONALIST HATES EVERY ONE ELSE'S' ? I've viewed it from all angles and it works on many levels. Can't seem to find exactly who tho. Still, I agree with the sentiment.

Alan Way, Southampton 2010-03-08

I agree with Linda, Don and Gordon..... But what intregue's me is what the devil is the Taggart Test? It sounds rather ominous!

Gerry Watson, Devon 2010-03-07

Reference to Linda Strang......Very Brief and very wise words.....

Linda Strang, Dundee 2010-03-05

With reference to the debate question. Was Scotland formed through resistance to English invasion?
My answer is no. It was a major factor in the shaping of the nature of Scotland, but it was not the originator.
The history of our civilisation is one of creating larger, more cooperative groupings in order to advance our collective security and prosperity. It is fundemental to all of us to continue with this process.

David Rintoul, Glasgow 2010-03-05

Heaven preserve us from the rantings of the nationalists! Freedom was won and preserved by us British working in unity and peace with each other. Do not give heed to their strident complaints they do not have any real basis as they result from sophistry and pipe dreams.

Gordon S, Sterling 2010-03-05

The nationalists are for their own and no one else. Remember that. Are you one of Their own? Or perhaps you are not?
I prefer to go with those who argue a strategy of cooperation and teamwork Unity and purpose than that of complaint and division.

Don, Dunblane 2010-03-05


Fergus Caradoc, Edinburgh 2010-03-05

I know who said 'A patriot loves his country: A nationalist hates everyone else's. It wasn't Brian Ross' guess. A truth rings true no matter who says it.
We Picts, a peace loving rural people, were subjugated by the force of arms of the invading foreigner Scots and then betrayed into their slavery by their calumny and guile.
If the nationalists can use these spurious arguments to further their cause I am sure that we Picts have a far more rightful claim!

Godric, Coburnspath 2010-03-05

FREEDOM for our lands from the Forth to the Humber!
In the name of Erik Bloodaxe!
Rise throw out the Scots invader foreigners!

Mike Scotland 2010-03-04

Aren't we Scots' rather hypocritical and selective when it comes to refering the past.
How can we bemoan and traduce those that came after for simply doing what we Scots' have done to those who went before?
Whatever happened to the Gaels? Whatever happened to the Picts? Whatever happened to the Britons?

Jack Wood, UK 2010-03-04

Mr. Ross you are wrong it was not Ms. Wood. Guess again!



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