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Scottish Murders

Debate: February is murder month in Scottish history. Lord Darnley, John Comyn, James I, William the 8th Earl of Douglas, Mary Queen of Scots, and the unfortunate inhabitants of Glencoe all met a brutal end in February. Do these killings tell us something about the Scottish psyche or merely about the politics of the age?

Lord Darnley's enemies finally catch up with him.

From A History of Scotland: Project Britain.

James I meets a brutal end in a sewer in Perth.

From A History of Scotland: Language is Power.


Robert Park, Kirriemuir, Angus 2009-11-09

How does the Scottish psyche or politics become connected to the incidences of certain deaths occurring in Scotland in the month of February? A fatuous question. Statistics, on whatever topic, need to be questioned. For example, if a town has one murder annually, then on one particular year it has two, would the 100% increase in homicide make the town the murder capital? If registers of the names of people attending any organisation are examined it will be found that under certain letters of the alphabet there will be a considerable number of names while there will be many other letters on the alphabet that are without names

Isa Ropen, UK. 2009-03-05

Ned you said I should castigate the govt for the billions given to banks rather than the millions they're throwing away like confetti on foreign peoples. Really? Any idea of the levels of child poverty that exist in THIS COUNTRY? Some of the stuff that's hit the headlines of late with regards to children & poverty is totally heartbreaking!
No mate the UK NEED these banks so I've no truck with UK taxpayer's money going to UK banks (not bankers)! The only Bank I don't want to see it going is the West Bank.

Isa Ropen, UK. 2009-03-05

Aileen Boyd. There are big similarities in Israel & Ireland & you asked a question that a lot of 'Brits' don't like being asked. It's an uncomfortable question to all of them that attacked the Irish people in the past for doing exactly what Palestinians are doing today. Yet whilst hoping we've all forgotten about the stolen land across the sea they surreptituously hijack the moral high ground on a smaller country's plight to fight off the occupation & inequity of their larger bullying neighbour. lol. WELL?

Anonymous 2009-03-05

Well said Isa Ropen. At least someone's sticking up for our boys!!

Aileen Boyd, Bishopton 2009-03-05

Re. Nedd Lud.
Are you all for Gordon Brown strutting about like some emperor dropping tens of millions of taxpayers cash (on no less than two publicised occasions) on looking out for a foreign people that choose to 'act' against Israelis in the same manner as Irish catholics 'acted' against the British in Ulster? What was it the British called the 'occupied' people of Ulster? Terrorists! The IRA! Ooh scary words! So you're against Israel in this conflict, were you against Britain in that conflict?

Tam Seller, Greenock. 2009-03-05

Ned Ludd why are you even on here? Don't you know this debate goes out to the whole of Britain? It's not as if you can say you picked up Isa Ropen the wrong way, his/her msg is down in black & white! You can go back over it and that tells me that as he/she says you've deliberately taken a point out of context to splurge out your own propaganda and when he/she is criticising the British government for putting a foreign country ahead of the plight of our own soldiers then I for one
am with her! Shame ON YOU!

Ned Ludd, Durham 2009-03-04

Eyes closed

Isa Doll, we are closer than you think. I agree with you regarding the poorly equipped British troops in Afghanistan, but the 50M given by the UK to alleviate the immediate needs of the population of Gaza is a drop in the ocean when it comes to defence spending (it would buy 60 laser guided bombs). Now had we diverted the billions currently going into RBS and HBOS to the MoD, then you would be talking!



Isa Ropen, UK. 2009-03-04

Ned Ludd says "shame on you" haha, does that line usually work? While the youth of this island are being killed in Afghanistan etc through a lack of proper equipment, if you think millions of pounds of taxpayers' money from this debt ridden island is better spent in Palestinian coffers than in equipping our soldiers then shame on YOU! And as is clearly visible to all I've no opinion on the Gaza strip at all. So to deliberately take a serious point out of context to score points is frankly beneath contempt.

Ned Ludd, Durham 2009-03-02

Isa Ropen

Shame on you Isa, I’m surprised at you – it is not Palestinians killing British Soldiers in Afghanistan. The Palestinian question stems from an entirely different historical conflict. In January we saw a modern equipped army and air force unleash total war on the civilian population of another country. If you cannot see the wrong in this it says a lot about your moral and political judgement. For all the talk of ‘surgical strikes’ and precision laser guided weaponry, Gazza now looks more like Warsaw did in 1945 rather than Belgrade in 1999 – for the invaders used their favourite weapon of repression to maximum effect, the bulldozer. Thankfully the bombing has stopped for now, but the Palestinians are still having problems in accessing medical aid and food

Ned Ludd, Durham 2009-03-02

Isa Ropen part 2

Perhaps for you the Palestine situation is an inconvenient truth

A.Nonymous 2009-02-28

Isa Ropen Can't really fault you,pal.We differ on minor points,but I see your great humanity and sorrow for the trials of all people. You've 'opened my eyes'. By the way, size 9's?

KC, England 2009-02-27

Where does politics stop and reallife begin? I mention the death of 4 other people that day that hardly register on the radar. They shouldn't be in that country lt alone die in it. That's politics, pure politics mate.

Isa Ropen, UK 2009-02-26

We're talking about politics son not soldiers. If we were on about soldiers, or the wages of British Nationalism or capitalism then (sadly) we'd be stopping debates every few days. However must dash, talk later, and hopefully no more poor, "under equipped" young folk die in the UK's armed forces; it was bad enough that it was lies or political spin that put them (yet again) in a foreign country but it's twice as bad when they're dying thru poor equipment when the UK Govt are giving millions to Palestinians.

A.Nonymous 2009-02-26

Isa Ropen. Well said.

kc, England 2009-02-25

3 British sodiers were killed today in a bomb bast. Nobody stopping politics for them.

Isa Ropen, UK 2009-02-25

Do you think we could put the politics on hold? At least for today as a mark of respect for Conservative leader David Cameron's son, Ivan (6) who sadly passed away in the early hours of this morning at hospital. I think all on the forum regardless of political persuasion wouldn't feel too put out by this token of respect. May Mr & Mrs Cameron at the very least find some solace in the fact that their wee boy is no longer suffering. God bless them & give them strength.

kc, England 2009-02-25

Yes its because of Scottish politicans that the UK is 2 trillion in debt. Bring on the SNP we need mor Scottish politicins

Isa Ropen, UK 2009-02-24

Is that your reply when you cant get anything by me? "Was only jokin". hoho. Thats a feeble riposte old bean. Looks awfully like submission. lol. Well you couldnt hold your breath forever could you son, learn something from this whooping! In future if you fancy a wee bit cyber fencing, dont take on anyone armed with the truth= you'll never win. lol. Well if thats all for now, except I'd just like to say thanks, as imitation is sincerest form of flattery.
I've seen your footprints, have you seen mine?

A.Nonymous. 2009-02-24

Isa Ropen... you've got me choking!!!.... It's so easy to wind you people up!

Tom Jackson, Edinburgh 2009-02-23

Dear Isa,

I can see you clearly! Well said, keep up the good work!

Isa Ropen, UK 2009-02-23

and is aka the oil capital of Europe! Yet we continue to pour all our resources into our European neighbours' coffers (Eng) & into the hands of the people you describe as "world class politicians" (haha) The Tories had the UK in a shocking 400 billion pounds debt by 1997. Enter Blair & Brown, then 10yrs later (BEFORE any credit crunches) the UK were up to 500 billion quid debt! (2007 levels). Brown becomes PM, a mere 2yrs pass & the UKs debt's now up to 2 TRILLION! World class? You can keep em mate.

Isa Ropen, UK 2009-02-23

one of the countries among them to break away from British Imperialism is none other than the United States of America, the World's only supepower! (according to global media). There's the blatent evidence of nations reaching their full potential when they cut loose from an "overlord" & stop pouring all their national resources &
hard earned cash into their next door neighbour's coffers! I mean how mental is that?! Look at Sco & all that it has, its one of the soundest countries in the world.. CONT>

Isa Ropen, UK 2009-02-23

A.Nonymous, there's more than the obvious anagram in there, wondered how long it'd take. Well there's an end tae ane auld song. Who will we blame WHEN independence goes wrong? haha! WHEN it goes wrong?! Tell me this, did any of these countries' independence go wrong when they slammed the door shut on Britain's greedy hands? - India, P-stan, NZ, Canada, Aus, Eire? That's not to mention countless other nations round the globe that've successfully negotiated their independence from British imperialism.. CONT >

A.Nonymous 2009-02-21

Isa Ropen...[there's an anagram in there somewhere]...who are you going to blame when independence goes wrong? You are already blaming your own countrymen for the 'perceived' ills of Sco, as you call it.The people you slander are recognised as being world class politicians.Who are you going to replace them with? Are there people with more talent waiting in the wings? Send them to England- where they will be more appreciated.

Isa Ropen, UK 2009-02-20

Anon, we've been blaming SCOTS for yrs! Especially the last dozen yrs. i.e. New Labour, founded where? SCOTLAND! Last two PM's were born where? SCOTLAND! The cabinets full of what? SCOTS!
Thank goodness they stats have came to pass. Totally wipes away the MYTH of Scotland blaming poor English folk for all their ills. It has nothing to do with English folk or any other race & never was. That particular UK Govt LIE is now about as useful as a floating straw is to a drowning sailor! lol. Best of Br.. erm luck!



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