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September 2011

Church's Wallace statue Sculptor Tom Church's Braveheart

Sculptor Tom Church talks about the inspiration for his controversial 'Braveheart' statue of William Wallace.

July 2011

Recreation of the Battle of Culloden, copyright SCRAN Brahan Seer: the Scot who could see the future

Like a Scottish Nostradamus, the Brahan Seer is credited with remarkable gifts of prophesy including a prediction of the slaughter of Highlanders at Culloden.

The ghost of Mary King's Close Ghostly Ground: the most haunted places in Scotland

Scotland has been proclaimed one of the most haunted countries on Earth. What follows is a list of the 10 most haunted locations in the country.

June 2011

The Glenlee Tall Ship The Past, present and future of the Glenlee Tall Ship

The Tall Ship, the ‘Glenlee’ is the only Clydebuilt ship of her kind still afloat in the UK and is now at a new berth outside the Riverside Museum, Scotland's Museum of Transport and Travel.

John Logie Baird John Logie Baird: thinking outside the box

To mark the switching off of the anaologue television system, Iain Baird celebrates the pioneering work of the man who helped develop it – his grandfather John Logie Baird.

May 2011

Scottish Cup The history of the Scottish Cup trophy

An insight into the history of the Scottish Cup trophy. Richard McBrearty from the Scottish Football Museum tells the story behind the world's oldest national football trophy.

Wojtek Wojtek: the Polish soldier bear who lived at Edinburgh Zoo

Wojtek, the brave, beer-drinking bear who became a Polish war hero, was a legend in his own lifetime. Seven decades on and in Scotland the legend is undergoing a renaissance.

April 2011

Handfasting Tying the knot: handfasting through the ages

Handfasting is the symbolic act of a couple's hands being tied together, often with cords or ribbons, representing their union. For modern-day couples who choose to be handfasted, it is usually the main focus of their wedding day or engagement and is seen as strongly symbolic and spiritual.

A history of the Barras in Glasgow

A feature about the vibrant world of the world famous Barras.

Merlin The Scottish roots of Merlin the Welsh wizard

Was Merlin the Welsh wizard really Scottish?

March 2011

Sawney Bean The Grisly Deeds of Alexander Bean

Sawney Bean: The story of Scotland's legendary cannibal.

Scotland's first census Scotland's First Census

Senchus fer nAlban was Britain's first native census. This 7th Century document records the people and military power of Dalriada.

Johnny Ramensky Johnny Ramensky

One of the most exciting and daring criminals in Scottish history. The ultimate daredevil, Johnny Ramensky, famous for safecracking and breaking out of prisons.

Oscar Slater The Curious Case of Oscar Slater

One of the most dramatic miscarriages of Scottish Justice, rectified with help from the creator of Sherlock Holmes.

Lifting Lines and Laying off: Scottish Bookmaking in the 1950s

Illegal Scottish Bookmaking in the 1950s, as told by those who experienced the activities.

Minnie Dean Minnie Dean, the Scottish baby farmer

An article on the life of notorious Scotswoman Minnie Dean, the only female ever to be executed in New Zealand.

February 2011

The 9 of diamonds The Curse of Scotland

Why is the nine of diamonds playing card referred to in card games as "The Curse of Scotland"?

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