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16 October 2014
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Pupils should click on Game 1 to play 'Where Would Be Good?' - a game which allows pupils to look at the land use within a settlement including housing, amenities, services and green spaces, or Game 2 ' Inside and Out' - a game which allows children to view a post office, farm, supermarket and house from the outside and takes a look inside to find out more about what goes on there.

Pupils can also go into the What? Where? When? and Why? buttons at the top of screen for information about buildings and their uses and a Gallery of photographs of unusual buildings from around the world.

Game 1: 'Where Would Be Good?'  

Pupils are shown an empty space within the townscape which they can fill with the building or green space of their choice. There is one city space, one countryside space, and two town spaces to fill.

Pupils should click on one of the coloured buildings buttons to the left of the screen to see a range of choices. They can use the 'Back' button to go back and look at another panel. The pink button shows places we live and work; the yellow button shows 'places with a purpose'; the red button shows 'places we need' and the green button shows 'green places and spaces'. As the pupils move their mouse up and down their chosen panel they will see each building appear in turn in the empty space on screen. Pupils must click on the building or green space of their choice in one of the panels to make a selection. The Happy Gang will provide feedback about the pupil's choice and pupils then have the option to keep or undo their choice.

Choose appropriate buildings and green spaces to fill the empty spaces in the town.

Game 2: 'Inside and Out'

Pupils should answer the questions and follow the instructions given by the Happy Gang. This will take them on a journey to the post office, the farm, the supermarket and finally the house. In each building pupils should click on the three highlighted areas and answer the questions to find out more about what goes on inside.

Choose the appropriate people and objects within each building.

Shopping game

Pupils should click on the items on the shopping list when they find them in the shop and will be asked a final question which they must answer by clicking on the correct area on screen to end the game.

Tidy up time

Pupils should match the item to be tidied up to it's correct place in the house.

What? Where? When? Why? pages

Pupils should click on the 'Next' and 'Back' buttons to move through the pages within the What? Where? When? and Why? sections for further learning about buildings and green spaces including real photographs to support illustrations used in the games on the site. On the final page of each section there is a Gallery button which pupils can click on to enter. Pupils can click through the Gallery using the 'Next' and 'Back' buttons and can click on a small photograph to see a bigger version.

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