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3 November 2014
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Site Contents

The main bulk of the site is divided into four "missions" to be carried out in the service of the fictional Environmental Intelligence Unit. Each of the first three missions relate to one of the 3 Rs.

It is strongly recommended that the missions be completed in the given order to maximise the learning potential. The site has been designed in such a way that the site can be completed over the course of several visits.

The four missions are: -

1) The House Mission

Here the children have to use one of the 3 Rs (reducing) to select the best ways of reducing energy wastage in each room of an average house.

2) Room Clear-out Mission

The aim of this mission is to help the character clear out his room in the most ecologically friendly way. The children have to use their knowledge of reusing to help the character find other uses for his belongings rather than throwing them away.

3) The School Playground

In this mission the children have to solve the school's litter problem using their recycling skills. They have to identify the problems in the school playground and sort out recyclable litter from non-recyclable litter.

4) The Beach

In this final mission the children have to help solve the beach's litter problem using the knowledge of the 3 Rs that they have picked up in the previous missions.

Certificates and Codes

After completing each of the above missions the children are presented with certificates of achievement. Each of these certificates includes a piece of code that is needed in order to collect the final certificate.

The children need to keep the codes by either printing out the certificates or writing down the codes. We recommend that, if printed, the certificates should be recycled after the site has been completed.

Strictly speaking, the final certificate can be obtained without the codes by dragging and dropping codes into the appropriate boxes by simple deduction or by trial and error. As a result no one should be stuck and unable to collect his or her final certificate.

The codes are: -

1) House Mission: REDUCE
2) Room Clear Out: REUSE
3) School Mission: RECYCLE
4) Beach Mission: TIDY

Help Icons

There are three help icons featured in the site that can be clicked on at any time for assistance.

The 'T' symbol on the pages is for the teacher/parent. This calls up a page detailing the main aims of that particular page or section. The Teacher's Help page also includes the option to exit the full screen flash version of the site (by clicking on the exit flash site button.)

There is also the character icon (Grant) at the top right of the page. This is the help icon for the children if they become stuck. Clicking on the character calls up a help page that features audio advice as well as text.

Clicking on the 3Rs logo in the bottom right of the screen calls up a quick, simple definition of the 3Rs.

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