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16 October 2014
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Case Studies:Immigration Control
Peter Simpson
Peter Simpson is strongly against the idea of greater levels of immigration to the USA and he maintains that those who are currently in the country illegally ought to be removed.

He supports the aims of the interest group Americans for Immigration Control (AIC) who seek to radically cut the numbers entering the country illegally.

He is against the current levels of immigration in the USA . According to many of the political talk shows he listens to, immigration into the USA is running at a level of over a million per year. He considers that, even if America is a very large country with many wide open spaces, it probably cannot support such a level.

He is convinced
He is convinced that the rate of immigration must lead to a greater risk of losing his job as there will be many more potential employees for his boss to consider hiring in his place, and at a lower salary. When he read a report stating the Hispanic population in his home state of Alabama had risen by more than 200% between 1990 and 2000, he became convinced the USA 's immigration policy was out of control.

While official government data indicates that the number of jobs available increases annually, and also suggests that the number of people in work increases each year, Peter is still worried about losing his job because the critics of immigration predict a drastic impact on his life, if the levels of immigration are not sharply lowered.

Peter was pleased
Peter was pleased when President Bush made a strong speech on securing America 's borders in the border town of Tucson in late 2005. The president said he favoured more robust prevention of illegal immigration and promised to secure funding for more patrols, new technologies to detect illegal entrants and more detention facilities so that ‘illegals' could be quickly returned over the border.

Peter is not so keen on the president's wider plan - to reform the immigration law in the USA by introducing a guest-worker policy which would grant temporary legal visas to more than 10 million undocumented workers already in the country.

As a conservative supporter of the Republican Party, Peter feels this policy will increase the chances of him losing his job to a previously illegal immigrant worker and that it amounts to an amnesty for those who have broken the country's immigration laws.

He suspects President Bush
He suspects President Bush is trying to hold on to his traditional supporters who want to see immigration kept low but at the same time looking to secure Hispanic support for the Republican Party. This has already risen during the last two presidential campaigns and Peter knows the President's advisers intend to increase the Hispanic vote. Peter reckons the President may need to be pressurised by anti-immigration interest groups to act boldly and reduce the numbers entering the country both legally and illegally.

Peter denies
Peter denies that he is a racist and is angry with those who equate concern with, as he sees it, out of control immigration with racist attitudes to the rising Hispanic populations in many states. When an anti-immigration Congressman supports enforcement of immigration laws, and is criticised for using veiled racism, Peter is angered and feels free speech is under threat in the USA .

Peter has been encouraged that the House passed the Border Protection, Anti-terrorism and Illegal Immigration Control Act (2005), also known as the Sensenbrenner-King Act. He feels it is about time that tough measures like this were adopted. He agrees with the proposals to fence off more of the border with Mexico and thinks more resources should be dedicated to this.

Peter is pretty
Peter is pretty sure his campaigning helped ensure that six of seven Alabama congressmen voted for the Border Protection, Anti-terrorism, and Illegal Immigration Control Act.

Peter hopes that the law is passed by the Senate and progresses through all the stages needed to be enacted into law. He is particularly pleased that all immigration violations will become criminal, not civil, offences. For Peter, this makes perfect sense as, in his opinion, if you are in the country illegally you have committed a crime and should be removed as quickly as possible.

As a supporter
As a supporter of Americans for Immigration Control , he would like to see some of their ideas included in congressional legislation.

This group argues that the U.S. admits too many legal immigrants and that many take American workers' jobs. They also argue that, over the last 30 years, Congress has tripled legal immigration levels and that current levels of immigration will drive the U.S. population to 392 million by 2050. For the AIC , the financial cost to the USA of this inflow of people will be enormous and socially harmful.


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