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12 July 2014
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brad hunt deals in firearms
Brad Hunt deals in firearms in New Jersey and is a Republican supporter. He also believes every American citizen should have the right to bear arms. For him, it is symbolic of the rights of an individual citizen to use guns for sport and recreation and to protect him or herself against violent attackers. Those who are pro-gun see the right to bear arms as symbolic of the revolutionary origins of the United States and a fundamental freedom - an individual has the right to own a gun.

Brad points to reports from the National Centre for Injury Prevention and Control which show more Americans die annually through road accidents than in gun violence. He contends that 99% of gun owners are not involved in murder, suicide, crimes or firearm accidents. In the vast majority of cases, he argues, guns are held and used responsibly. He believes strongly that the actions of a criminal minority ought not to impact on the rights of the law-abiding majority.
a few years ago...
A few years ago, Brad sold a gun and the buyer was later imprisoned for armed robbery. The New Jersey police used their records of the sale and made the connection between him and the criminal. He is concerned that, sometime in the future, he might be prosecuted if one of his guns is used to harm someone and it is tracked back to him.

Brad argues
Brad argues that a dealer is not in a position to know who is and who is not a responsible person, someone who should be entitled to buy a gun. After all, they have no way of knowing how a person will behave in future.

Brad supported the ending of the ban on semi-automatic guns, arguing that assault weapons should be accessible to law-abiding citizens. He maintains they are the only ones capable of deciding whether or not they need such weapons to defend themselves or for sport and recreation. This is the position of the NRA , of which he is a member.
Alma decided
Brad was relieved when the US Senate passed the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act. Brad and his fellow members of the NRA feel their campaigning has paid off and they are ready to organise and campaign against any other bills which seek to restrict the rights of Americans to own and use guns.


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