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17 October 2014
South Africa

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South Africa

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17 October 2014

Life for South Africa

However the country still faces enormous social and economic challenges. We've chosen four social and economic issues to explore in depth. Choose a topic from the list below to begin.


Who should own the land? While some land has been handed from white hands to black hands, there are still many claims waiting to be settled. Explore both sides of the story before you decide.

Millions of black South Africans live in grinding poverty. What's the Government doing to bring prosperity to the people and is it working? Can the gap between rich and poor be bridged?


Aids and HIV have devastated South Africa, yet it's only in recent times that the Government has faced up to the issue. Check out the facts and figures then hear the human stories behind the headlines.

The syllabus has been revised and exam pass rates are rising. However some schools don't have even basic facilities. Should South Africa's education system get an A+ or a "could do better"?

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