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16 October 2014
South Africa

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South Africa

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Social and Economic Issues

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About this site

This site has been designed for students studying Intermediate and Higher Modern Studies. It corresponds closely with Study Theme 9: Issues in an emerging nation - South Africa (Intermediate 2) and Study Theme 7: A society in change – South Africa (Higher).

The site has two separate sections: one examines political issues, the other looks at the main social and economic issues in the country today. We've used case studies, news stories, interviews and specially written articles to bring the issues to life and to highlight contentious or conflicting viewpoints.

Please take a look at the site map for an overview of the structure and content of the site.

Curriculum match

Intermediate 2: Study Theme 9: Issues in an Emerging Nation – South Africa

Syllabus area

Corresponding section of the site

Profile of the main regional and cultural features of South Africa .

Political issues:

Constitution - Provincial government

Social and economic issues in South Africa : inequalities in lifestyle... health, education...

Social and economic issues:

Economy, Health, Education

Political issues in South Africa : political structure since 1994; participation and representation; current political issues including the search for justice and the desire for autonomy by different groups.

Political issues:



Constitution: Constitutional Court , Bill of rights

Higher: Study Theme 7: A Society in Change – South Africa

Syllabus area

Corresponding section of the site

The changing structure of South African society: racial composition; settlement patterns; legacy of apartheid (with reference to income; employment; health; housing; education; crime and law and order).

Social and economic issues:

Health, Education, Land, Economy

A political system in transition: the federal political structure since 1994; participation and representation in the democratic political system; the search for justice and reconciliation; the desire for autonomy by different groups within South Africa .

Political issues:

Voters, Parties, Constitution

Social and economic progress: the extent of social and economic problems facing South Africa ; the response of governments to these problems and the consequences for different groups.

Social and economic issues:

Health, Education, Land, Economy

Further resources

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We appreciate knowing what you think of the site and welcome all comments and suggestions. If there's something in Modern Studies: South Africa you've found really useful, or a part of the site you found difficult to use, please let us know by emailing us at .

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