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16 October 2014
Modern Studies: The Scottish Elections 2007

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Voter Video Diaries - Transcript of Martin Compston's story

Voting changed my life when I won the British Independent Film Award for best new comer.

My name is Martin Compston. I was very lucky after doing Sweet Sixteen, a film I did that I won a lot of awards, but the British Indie in particular opened me up to a lot of producers and directors and casting directors because the jury is made up of people who know the industry inside out. It was great to be nominated but winning it on the night just gathered me a lot of attention and especially when one of the producers was Trudi Styler and she went on to cast me in another one of her movies which was my first American movie. Winning the award meant a lot to me because it was judged by professionals within the industry, again, casting directors, directors and fellow actors, so it meant a lot, especially as a young guy, you know, starting out and I was up against some stiff competition, you know, people like Kira Knightly and stuff. And to get the recognition was really good and I was getting a lot of attention but that kind of justified all the attention sort of thing. It was just good to get the award and even from winning that I’ve been nominated since then at the same awards again, and I think that whole thing has established me and I don’t feel out of place now going to these types of award ceremonies since I’ve won it.

I really couldn’t tell you how different my life would be, I’ve been on a bit of a roller coaster so far. It definitely had a really positive effect on me, it’s just something which is on your CV so to speak when you’re going for meetings or auditions and to have that on your CV is pretty good. British Indies is a really respected thing to win because it is about independent cinema which is my passion and it just meant a lot to me it did give me a big, big confidence boost.

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