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16 October 2014
Modern Studies: The Scottish Elections 2007

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Voter Video Diaries - Transcript of David Sneddon's story

My name is David Sneddon. Voting changed my life when in 2002 I became the first winner of the BBC television show Fame Academy. Basically I was signing on, I was playing in bands and I had done a little bit of television work in the past, a little bit of writing and presenting. I was basically just doing anything I really could to try and get by financially but my main love was music, it was the one thing that I had always wanted to do so after school I went to university and dropped out of university after half a term because I sort of decided if I didn’t give myself a proper go at music I would kick myself for the rest of my life. Fame Academy was really my last go and so I sort of stumbled blindly into the audition process and actually when it came down to the final twelve students and compete every week to sing for the public vote I didn’t actually get in to it (laughs) I didn’t get into the last twelve. Part of me was relieved I didn’t get in and part of me was gutted anyway a week on a girl called Naomi lost her voice and had to leave the Academy and I was called into the Academy full time. I had to go up for nomination every week and most weeks I was up for the public vote because the teachers had already decided on their favourites and after that initial public vote where I didn’t get into the house, I never lost one. Every time I had to sing for survival I won the public vote and so never had to go to that horrible place where the students vote to keep someone in and all the way through the show I guess I never gave anything much thought, I never really expected to win it. And on the final night, I can’t really remember I think it was like 7 million people voted and I think I got over 50% and the rest was split between Sinead and Lemar. The public vote that night changed my life forever really, for the better.

Since Fame Academy I’ve had a number 1 single, a top 5 album, I’ve sold thousands of records which still kinda takes me a bit by surprise and I lived the life of a pop star for 9 months before I decided it wasn’t for me and I don’t have any regrets what so ever I thoroughly enjoyed it but I have always considered myself a musician over a pop star. I now work as a song writer full time, you know I’ve been very very lucky that the vote on Fame Academy gave me the opportunity to go on and work as a song writer. Although I’m perhaps not suited to the pop star life, I’m certainly suited to the music life and I wouldn’t have been given that opportunity had it not been for the public vote on Fame Academy.

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