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26 July 2014
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site outline
  Welcome to the Higher Still Local Government Website!

We've tried to find areas of local government operations in Scotland that will interest you and spark a wider debate within your Modern Studies classes. Some of the Investigations look at controversial national issues such as GM Crop Trials and Recycling; others are more localised, like the building of a skate park in Perth or the plans for trams in Edinburgh. Most important, these are issues in which you will soon have a say.

There are 5 Investigations into different councils around Scotland and the best way to learn about the way the site works is just to work your way through one of the Investigations. You'll soon learn how the various elements of the site work.

When you click on one of the Investigations, the first page you see will be an animation with a voiceover briefly explaining what's going on. Once you have listened to this (you can hit PLAY AGAIN if you want to hear it again) you hit the NEXT button and the MEDIA PAGE appears. In this page you'll find audio and video resources with transcripts (written versions) available. Spend a bit of time absorbing these and making some notes before hitting NEXT again. This will take you on to the CASE FILE. Here you will be able to look in more depth at the subject through newspaper articles, press releases, reports and leaflets. You'll also find the ACTIVITY FILE on this page. This is a feature that helps you make notes for specific writing activities:
  • Press Release about a specific project
  • Persuasive Letter to a newspaper or councillor
  • Notes for a debate on a controversial issue
  • Notes for a Decision-Making Exercise (DME)
  • Poster Presentation

    Once you have read the text explaining the Activity you are doing, you can write in the box and print what you have written - remember that the site will not save your work so you must print it off or you'll lose it.

the filing cabinet
  This is an information source covering the most important areas of local government operation:
  • Government
  • Structure
  • Finance
  • Housing
  • Transport
  • Education
  • Health
  • Council Services A-Z
  • Research Area (External Links)

research area (external links)
  This is contained within the Filing Cabinet and provides you with a list of relevant hyperlinks to other websites. This will help you get much more detailed information on all the subjects covered for your research into a particular issue raised in the Investigations.  

activity file
filing cabinet


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