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16 October 2014

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Using the Site in the Classroom

The game has been designed for use with a multimedia projector and interactive whiteboard as well as individual PCs. In this way the class can use the site as a whole, individually or in smaller groups.

The website has a high graphic and animation content which means that it uses Macromedia Flash. This means that initially the site may take longer to download than others. The site requires the Flash 5 plug-in to enable this level of animation. Click here to get the Flash plug-in. Most schools and colleges can access this plug-in, but if you are experiencing difficulty you should consult your ICT Co-ordinator. He/she can get in touch with the service provider that maintains computers for your LEA and ask them to make it possible. Informational alternative materials in HTML are provided where Flash is unavailable; however these pages will not be animated and are 'text only'.

If students are using individual PCs, they should use headphones whilst working on the website. This will help them concentrate on where they are in the website rather than being distracted by the sound effects from other computers.

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