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17 October 2014

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Site Outline

The Intermediate: Modern Studies: Power and Influence website asks students to look at the workings of the Scottish Parliament, in the context of pressure groups, political parties and the process of legislation in Scotland. The site encourages independent learning and provides the students with a dynamic and 'immersive' game-based learning experience in the context of contemporary political events.

The site is based on the principle of game-based learning and comprises a game called The Lawmakers. The game is suitable for independent use by students, providing clear, flexible and 'intuitive' navigation. As well as being a fun, interactive activity, the game can be used as a stand-alone resource to support the teaching of the unit.

The supporting elements for the site will be integral - embedded - in the game. These support materials comprise a research area, containing the following printable material on the subject:
  • political issues relevant to the devolved powers of the Scottish Parliament
  • role of individuals and pressure groups in changing legislation
  • activities of MSPs in legislation
  • process of petition
  • function of committees
  • legislative process in the Scottish parliament
  • external links to other relevant online information resources

As part of BBCi Scotland Education's development of online learning resources, the site aims to encourage students to:
  • develop online learning strategies
  • use the game to consolidate class-based learning
  • evaluate practically the workings of the Scottish legislative system
  • promote collaboration within the classroom environment

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